Yesterday, Ready Pac Foods announced a line of fresh, protein and vegetable-packed, customizable meal kits. The Fresh Prep’d line is an answer to what modern consumers search for on store shelves: quick, healthy, DIY meal kits that don’t sacrifice taste. Only taking minutes to customize and assemble, they’re perfect for health-conscious foodies always strapped for time.

The Fresh Prep’d line includes soups and wraps. All ingredients are prepped and separated to maintain freshness.

Fresh Prep’d soups are the first of their kind, according to Ready Pac Food’s press release. They’re never pre-cooked, but customized and assembled right before enjoying. The soups top out at 250 calories and contain 11 to 18 grams of protein.

The wraps have 470 calories or less with 13 to 23 grams of protein. Each wrap kit comes with a plain tortilla ready to be filled with the fresh lean meats, vegetables, sauces, and cheeses packaged separately in the kit. That means no more soggy tortillas!

“Our Fresh Prep’d line is a totally innovative new take on lunch favorites. Consumers want meal options that are fresh, tasty, filling and convenient,” said Ready Pac Foods Chief Marketing Officer Galit Feinreich. “With our new Fresh Prep’d Soup Kits and Wrap Kits, everything you need for a delicious, veggie-packed meal comes ready to prepare and customize exactly how you like it – and delivers flavors and textures at their peak – in just minutes.”

The single-serving meal kits will cost $4.99.

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