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Transparency, Healthy Choices Critical for Long-Term Success in Shifting Marketplace

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Food retailers and manufacturers should focus on transparency and healthy choices for consumers to ensure long-term success, according to the 2017 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report. The report examines the shifting marketplace, including consumer shopping trends, retailer success strategies, and the demand for transparency across the entire supply chain. A changing marketplace The “who” and the “where” of grocery shopping …

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One-up and One-back No Longer Enough for Food Recall Transparency

In Food Safety, Processing, Technology by Heather Brown0 Comments

As food supply chains evolve into increasingly complex networks, handling recalls with transparency becomes more complex as well, said Food Quality and Safety magazine recently. The linear, more traditional “one-up and one-back” approach no longer meets standards of transparency, either for preparedness or for recall management. Whole-chain traceability is now both possible and necessary to meet safety regulations and consumer …

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New App Opens a Window on Food Transparency

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In the wake of sweeping food safety reforms and the FDA’s redesigned labels, there’s been lots of talk about transparency. Now a new app aims to “reimagine food data for the Internet age.” The Sage online platform currently houses data on over 20,000 fresh and packaged foods (for now). It offers consumers an interactive, customized window on the nutrients in their …

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Survey: Product Transparency Is Key for Success in the Food Industry

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Label Insight recently released its 2016 Transparency ROI study, and the results show that product transparency is a central issue for today’s food consumers. Read on for highlights about what information consumers want, how they want it, and the ways transparency can affect brand success. Transparency can have a positive impact on brand preference and loyalty, even if it costs …

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Report: Transparency Is Key for Consumers

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A new report confirms that consumers are demanding more and more transparency when it comes to food products. For its 2016 Food Revolution Study, Label Insight surveyed more than 1,500 consumers “to determine how they make food choices, shop, and what they expect from brands when it comes to product information.” Overall, the study found that consumers: Value product transparency, …

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Best Practices for Building Transparency and Trust

In Technology, Trends by Heather Brown0 Comments

Food is under scrutiny these days. Contamination can have devastating effects, both for consumers and for companies, and technology allows unprecedented access to information and conversations about food safety and quality. Each year, the Center for Food Integrity studies in-depth aspects of consumer trust. This year’s report focuses on expectations for food suppliers. More than farmers, retailers or restaurants, consumers …

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Consumers Hold Food Companies Most Responsible to Improve Transparency and Build Trust

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Each year, the Center for Food Integrity explores ways that food companies can build consumer trust. This year’s particular research reveals “policies, practices, and information that consumers equate with transparency that earns trust.” This infographic summarizes six key areas where consumers expect transparency: Impact of Food on Health Food Safety Environmental Impact Labor and Human Rights Animal Well-being Business Ethics According to …

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Benefits of Supply-Chain Transparency: An Interview with Geraint John of SCM World

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The finalization of FSMA rules puts pressure on many standard food industry operations. Because your supply chain is not one operation, but many, it may feel that pressure more keenly than other areas of business. On the one hand, emerging technology makes it easier than ever to monitor, collect, and communicate data. On the other, tightening global standards, dispersed markets, …

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Cornell Study Argues for Transparency in GMO Labeling

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A Cornell University study has found that public debate over food labeling carries considerable weight with consumers in their support of subsequent labeling decisions. The study gave 450 participants four fictitious news articles about the same agro-food company’s decision to label the GM content of their products. The articles varied on four key points: whether or not to label the presence of …

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What the End of Net Neutrality Could Mean for the Food Industry

In News, Regulatory, Technology by Krista Garver0 Comments

December 14 update: The FCC voted to repeal net neutrality protections by a 3-2 vote. On December 14, the FCC is expected to vote on a measure that eliminates net neutrality. This move could have dire consequences for everyone who uses the internet, including businesses and their customers. For the food industry, ending net neutrality could stifle competition and hinder companies’ …