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Plant Data Goes Public: FSIS to Publish Food Safety Testing Results

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The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) today announced a new plan to publish more detailed, plant-specific data for U.S. slaughter and processing facilities. Initially, FSIS will share information on the processes used at each facility, giving more detail than is currently listed in the searchable establishment directory, as well as a code for each facility that will make it …

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Six Degrees of Seaweed: Better For You Than Kale and Tastes Like Bacon

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The war is over between nutrition and taste. Researchers at Oregon State University have patented dulse, a translucent, red strain of seaweed. So far it’s been farmed and fed to Abalone. Now, says Chris Langdon of OSU, there may be a growing market for dulse among human consumers. Why? Simple. Because it tastes like bacon. Thanks to a grant from …

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Global Food Security Act Passes Congress

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In a statement from the White House yesterday, President Obama expressed gratitude and pride for the passage of “an overwhelmingly bipartisan piece of legislation,” The Global Food Security Act of 2016. The act writes Feed the Future, the U.S. global hunger and food security initiative, into law. Ambassador Susan E. Rice, the President’s National Security Advisor, says this is a historic and important step …

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Report: Prepared Foods and “Grocerants” Are on the Rise

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Sales of grocery prepared foods are growing fast. And as consumers continue to demand high-quality, convenient options, the trend is likely to continue. Several recent studies provide more details. Prepared foods are a high-growth sector Prepared foods at grocery outlets are seeing sizable growth. “In-store dining and take-out of prepared foods from grocers has grown nearly 30% since 2008,” according to …

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Fourth-of-July Consumer Trends Stick to Tradition

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Want to know what America’s eating on Independence Day?  A national consumer poll released last week from Instantly says hamburgers win over hot dogs, 43% to 19%. Top favorite side dishes on the Fourth are baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, and potato salad. Frito-Lay/Lay’s is the brand of chips chosen by 50% of respondents, followed by KC Masterpiece, Kettle Chips, and Doritos, …

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Survey: Food Companies to Focus R&D on Developing New Products, Clean Up Existing Ones

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In their 45th Annual R&D Survey, Food Processing asked manufacturers about what they’re focusing on in 2016. Here’s what they had to say. R&D Focuses “Really new” product development will continue to be most important for R&D efforts this year, followed by “cleaning up” current products. Food safety will continue to have the most impact on R&D strategy, followed by …

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Report: Transparency Is Key for Consumers

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A new report confirms that consumers are demanding more and more transparency when it comes to food products. For its 2016 Food Revolution Study, Label Insight surveyed more than 1,500 consumers “to determine how they make food choices, shop, and what they expect from brands when it comes to product information.” Overall, the study found that consumers: Value product transparency, …

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Senate GMO Labeling Agreement Reached

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According to a bipartisan agreement reached yesterday, food companies nationwide will be required to label for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for the first time. The Senate agreement is more lenient than the Vermont labeling law set to go into effect July 1. Vermont would require an explicit phrase, “produced with genetic engineering.” The federal deal allows options for labels using …

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UK Food Industry Gives Mixed Response to Brexit Vote

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The UK’s historic vote last night to leave the European Union sparked a global response from the food and drink industry. Many conservatives in the sector feel that Brexit will free Britain from a perceived “EU skepticism of science.” Greater flexibility in tariff negotiations and more effective government protection and support are other benefits cited by the Leave camp. Other …

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Food Industry Venture Capital Seeks Stakes in Startup Innovation

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Food and food tech startups can add Kellogg’s to their growing list of potential investors. The cereal giant announced Monday they’ve established a venture capital fund to invest in “companies pursuing next-generation innovation, bolstering access to cutting-edge ideas and trends.” Included in its mandate are pioneers of new ingredients, foods, packaging, and food-related technology. According to Fortune,’s John Kell, many …