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Can Yogurt Cure Depression?

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The findings are very preliminary and, so far, only in mice…but, according to Science Daily, new research suggests that a bacteria found in yogurt may be able to reduce symptoms of depression. Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine recently found that the amount of the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus in the gut affects the level of the metabolite kynurenine (which …

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Meal Times Looking a Lot More Like Snack Times

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Snacking in the morning, snacking in the evening, snacking at suppertime. Almost one-quarter of all snacks are eaten at meal times, according to research from NPD Group. The study found that consumers aren’t adding snack times to their schedules. Rather, they’re incorporating more snacks into their regular meals. Of the 12 billion snack purchases made at food service outlets and …

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Consumers Less Willing to Pay for Meat, Expect Lower Prices

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Even while Millennials’ food preferences turn toward premium products, consumers’ willingness-to-pay overall dropped this month, according to the new Food Demand Survey by Oklahoma State University. The survey, which is performed monthly, explores consumer views of food safety, quality, and price, with an emphasis on meat products. Here’s what they found for February 2017: Willingness-to-pay was down across all food categories …

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How Much Food Safety Compliance Really Costs for Meat and Poultry: Report

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The cost of complying with food safety regulations in the meat and poultry industries can be immense, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Food Science. In fact, developing a food safety plan alone can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $87,000, not counting the cost of training and other related activities. For the study, researchers Catherine L. Viator, …