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Mars Announces Green Energy Partnership

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As part of its mission to become “sustainable in a generation,” multinational candy manufacturer Mars, Inc., recently announced a partnership with Eneco UK for the wind energy necessary to power all of its UK facilities.  The Moy wind farm in the Highland region of Scotland will supply the equivalent of the electricity used by 34,000 UK households. Mars already sources electricity …

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Benefits of Supply-Chain Transparency: An Interview with Geraint John of SCM World

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The finalization of FSMA rules puts pressure on many standard food industry operations. Because your supply chain is not one operation, but many, it may feel that pressure more keenly than other areas of business. On the one hand, emerging technology makes it easier than ever to monitor, collect, and communicate data. On the other, tightening global standards, dispersed markets, …

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FDA Food Safety Funding for Tribal Communities and Local Producers

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FDA Funding is available now through April 21, 2016 for outreach, education and training for Native American Tribes and Local Food Producers to enhance food safety and FSMA compliance. Community-based and grassroots organizations, as well as local government entities, are encouraged to develop projects that will facilitate these two groups’ understanding and integration of federal food safety regulations, relevant to their production …

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Food Processing Magazine’s 2016 Industry Predictions

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According to, five issues loom large for the food and beverage industry as 2016 begins. Here’s a quick look at each of them: Dietary Guidelines Mid-January is the new expected release date for the 8th edition of the USDA and DHHS’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs). Expectations were high for the promotion of whole foods and consideration of environmental …