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Revolutionize Your Food Supply Chain

In Processing, Technology by Heather Brown2 Comments

Food manufacturers face an array of concerns, from regulations compliance to consumer demands. Your supply chain is the point–or series of points–where many of these concerns converge. Taking a hard look at your supply chain can positively impact your processes, your product, your relationships with suppliers and consumers, and ultimately, your business growth.   Global supply-chain revolution Developments in technology …

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Nestle Develops Method to Reduce Sugar in Chocolate

In News, Processing, Technology, Trends by Melissa Schmitz0 Comments

According to a Bloomberg report, Nestle scientists have discovered a new method to reduce sugar in chocolate by up to 40%. Chief Technology Officer Stefan Catsicas told Bloomberg that the company has developed a way to alter the structure of sugar to make it taste sweeter in smaller amount. The new low-sugar products will be available beginning in 2018. The …

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Choosing Software for Contamination Management

In Processing, Technology by Heather Brown0 Comments

Whether you make use of ERP, HMI, MES, QMS, or FSQA applications, the right software can enable you to better document and share your processes, trace your supply chains, and take preventive and corrective action. Wayne Labs, Senior Technical Editor at Food Engineering, recently offered some in-depth advice for businesses of any size making the move from paper to pixels. …

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Soft Robotics Development Strengthens Food Safety and Labor Value

In News, Processing, Technology by Heather Brown0 Comments

A recent Food Processing report reveals developments in industrial robotics that could prove profitable to food manufacturers–but they’ve still got a long way to go. New methods involving air pressure instead of traditional vacuum techniques may help end-of-arm (EOA) tools handle food with greater sensitivity and efficiency in pick, inspect, and place operations. Developments in vision and touch sensing provide the most …

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New Report Indicates Grocers Embracing Digital Transformation

In News, Technology, Trends by Melissa Schmitz0 Comments

Research firm Carbonview released data on grocery stores and technology, indicating that a digital transformation is already well underway and even accelerating amongst grocers. In this case, digital transformation refers to leveraging new digital technologies for business models, processes, and customer services to grow sales, increase productivity, and improve the shopping experience through the addition of new services and streamlined …

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One-up and One-back No Longer Enough for Food Recall Transparency

In Food Safety, Processing, Technology by Heather Brown0 Comments

As food supply chains evolve into increasingly complex networks, handling recalls with transparency becomes more complex as well, said Food Quality and Safety magazine recently. The linear, more traditional “one-up and one-back” approach no longer meets standards of transparency, either for preparedness or for recall management. Whole-chain traceability is now both possible and necessary to meet safety regulations and consumer …

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PACK EXPO International Approaches: Chicago, Nov 6-9

In News, Technology, Trends by Heather Brown0 Comments

PACK EXPO International’s 2016 conference happens in Chicago November 6-9. Anticipated topics revolve around automation developments in food packaging. This year, innovation takes center stage. A robotics showcase sponsored by B&R Industrial Automation will feature remote monitoring, smart machines, and track-and-trace technology. Other high-profile subjects include industry growth and updates, as well as the future of the packaging industry workforce. …

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Your Food Manufacturing Marketing Plan

In Technology, Trends by Heather Brown0 Comments

Now more than ever, your food company needs marketing strategies built on values and transparency. You also need to be agile enough to adjust to changing consumer demands and ever-evolving channels of engagement. We’ve assembled a map of industry forecasts, content drivers, and marketing tools to help you build such a marketing strategy. What’s the food industry forecast? Marketing your …

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Disruptive Startups Honored at Annual reThink Food Conference

In News, Technology, Trends by Heather Brown0 Comments

At their annual reThinkFood Conference in Napa November 4-6, the Culinary Institute of America and MIT Media Lab will honor 8 “disruptive startups shaping the future of food and technology.” Part of the rTF Innovator Program, the selected startups fall into 6 experiential focus areas: Fermented Foods and the Microbiome Back to Basics Urban Agriculture Food Science for Greater Good Eating …

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Food Companies Need Supply-Chain-Friendly Packaging Solutions

In Food Safety, Sustainability, Technology by Heather Brown0 Comments

Consumers and manufacturers alike want sustainable, cost-effective packaging for their food. As new materials and designs develop to meet these demands, food and beverage companies must address a full spectrum of concerns. Food Engineering interviewed Michael Kuebler, the technical director of North America distribution testing at Smithers Pira. Kuebler offered his insight on how to develop sustainable packaging that keeps food fresh …