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Report: Canadian Food Prices to Rise in 2017

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Canadians can expect to pay 3-5% more for food next year, according a new report from Dalhousie University. The increase will be driven by big jumps in the meat, vegetables, and fish and seafood sectors. The predicted increase is higher than last year and higher than the normal rate of food inflation, which is pegged at 1-2%. The price increases …

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GMOs, Organic Food, and Public Opinion: New Survey Results

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New survey results from the Pew Research Center show that Americans believe organic food is healthier than non-organic, opinions are split about genetically modified food, and people’s opinions about food reflect their ideas about health. Highlights include: 55% of adults surveyed believe organic produce is healthier than conventional, while while 41% say there is no difference. 40% claim most of …

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Nestle Develops Method to Reduce Sugar in Chocolate

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According to a Bloomberg report, Nestle scientists have discovered a new method to reduce sugar in chocolate by up to 40%. Chief Technology Officer Stefan Catsicas told Bloomberg that the company has developed a way to alter the structure of sugar to make it taste sweeter in smaller amount. The new low-sugar products will be available beginning in 2018. The …

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New Report Indicates Grocers Embracing Digital Transformation

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Research firm Carbonview released data on grocery stores and technology, indicating that a digital transformation is already well underway and even accelerating amongst grocers. In this case, digital transformation refers to leveraging new digital technologies for business models, processes, and customer services to grow sales, increase productivity, and improve the shopping experience through the addition of new services and streamlined …

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Millennial “Foodies” Challenge the Supply Chain

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WASHINGTON (September 22, 2016) America’s 75 million Millennials* are devouring organic, and they’re making sure their families are too.  Parents in the 18- to 34-year-old age range are now the biggest group of organic buyers in America, finds a new survey on the organic buying habits of American households released by the Organic Trade Association (OTA). Among U.S. parents, more than …

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New Report Highlights Big Challenges Facing Food Workers in 2016

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A new report from the Food Chain Workers Alliance and the Solidarity Research Cooperative show that U.S. food workers continue to face numerous challenges. The food system makes up the largest employment sector in the country. However, for many, the jobs come with significant hardships, including stagnant wages and health and safety problems. Key findings of the report: 14% of …

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The New Demographics of Food

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Changing American demographics hold strong implications for manufacturers, Food Processing reported today. Age, growing minority populations, and evolving family structures increasingly determine how food is developed, produced, packaged, and sold. Nutrition, portability, and transparency are top priorities for Millennial and Generation Z consumers. Increasingly, Hispanic and Muslim food buyers demand more authentic and varied choices in ready-to-eat and packaged foods. Shared …

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PACK EXPO International Approaches: Chicago, Nov 6-9

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PACK EXPO International’s 2016 conference happens in Chicago November 6-9. Anticipated topics revolve around automation developments in food packaging. This year, innovation takes center stage. A robotics showcase sponsored by B&R Industrial Automation will feature remote monitoring, smart machines, and track-and-trace technology. Other high-profile subjects include industry growth and updates, as well as the future of the packaging industry workforce. …

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Your Food Manufacturing Marketing Plan

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Now more than ever, your food company needs marketing strategies built on values and transparency. You also need to be agile enough to adjust to changing consumer demands and ever-evolving channels of engagement. We’ve assembled a map of industry forecasts, content drivers, and marketing tools to help you build such a marketing strategy. What’s the food industry forecast? Marketing your …

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New Soup Flavor Trends Warm up for Winter

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Soups and broths are back in vogue, and just in time for winter weather. Lauren Hartman at Food Processing outlines the latest flavors and trends. Companies like Progresso, Campbell’s, Swanson, and Annie’s Homegrown are offering options that cater to on-the-go lifestyles while encouraging consumers to slow down. New products feature slow-cooked, hearty taste and ready-made starters in family-sized or portable packaging. …