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Wal-Mart Launches $25M Food Safety Project in Beijing

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As part of a $25m investment, Wal-Mart, Inc. has launched a food safety research center in Beijing, according to a Bloomberg report last month. The center will house experts in local and international food safety research. The entire investment is part of a global business overhaul for Wal-Mart aimed at keeping pace with Chinese consumer demand and competing in the local …

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Outlook Bleak for Post-election Meat Exports

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According to Meatingplace, the election of Donald J. Trump as President Tuesday throws American meat exports, and even the intact survival of the U.S. meat processing industry, into jeopardy. Trump has said he will scrap multinational agreements such as the Transatlantic Trade Partnership (TPP) or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). While neither major party candidate was in favor …

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One-up and One-back No Longer Enough for Food Recall Transparency

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As food supply chains evolve into increasingly complex networks, handling recalls with transparency becomes more complex as well, said Food Quality and Safety magazine recently. The linear, more traditional “one-up and one-back” approach no longer meets standards of transparency, either for preparedness or for recall management. Whole-chain traceability is now both possible and necessary to meet safety regulations and consumer …

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The New Demographics of Food

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Changing American demographics hold strong implications for manufacturers, Food Processing reported today. Age, growing minority populations, and evolving family structures increasingly determine how food is developed, produced, packaged, and sold. Nutrition, portability, and transparency are top priorities for Millennial and Generation Z consumers. Increasingly, Hispanic and Muslim food buyers demand more authentic and varied choices in ready-to-eat and packaged foods. Shared …

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PACK EXPO International Approaches: Chicago, Nov 6-9

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PACK EXPO International’s 2016 conference happens in Chicago November 6-9. Anticipated topics revolve around automation developments in food packaging. This year, innovation takes center stage. A robotics showcase sponsored by B&R Industrial Automation will feature remote monitoring, smart machines, and track-and-trace technology. Other high-profile subjects include industry growth and updates, as well as the future of the packaging industry workforce. …

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Your Food Manufacturing Marketing Plan

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Now more than ever, your food company needs marketing strategies built on values and transparency. You also need to be agile enough to adjust to changing consumer demands and ever-evolving channels of engagement. We’ve assembled a map of industry forecasts, content drivers, and marketing tools to help you build such a marketing strategy. What’s the food industry forecast? Marketing your …

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“May Contain” Allergens May Prove Confusing

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New research published this month suggests that food shoppers may be most confused by labels that say products “may contain” allergens. Allergens included as intended ingredients must by law be identified on the label. Precautionary labeling, however, is voluntary. Precautionary labels identify foods that have shared equipment with allergen-containing foods. Though the allergens aren’t included intentionally, trace amounts from shared …

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New Soup Flavor Trends Warm up for Winter

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Soups and broths are back in vogue, and just in time for winter weather. Lauren Hartman at Food Processing outlines the latest flavors and trends. Companies like Progresso, Campbell’s, Swanson, and Annie’s Homegrown are offering options that cater to on-the-go lifestyles while encouraging consumers to slow down. New products feature slow-cooked, hearty taste and ready-made starters in family-sized or portable packaging. …

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Survey: Packaged Foods Sales May Be Declining, Online Grocery Struggles

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TABS Analytics recently released its 4th annual Food and Beverage Consumables Study, a survey-based report that looks at trends in where and how consumers shop for certain packaged foods. Here are some of the highlights. Sales of many packaged foods and beverages appear to be declining. Based on survey respondents’ buying behaviors, only four of 15 packaged foods categories saw …

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Disruptive Startups Honored at Annual reThink Food Conference

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At their annual reThinkFood Conference in Napa November 4-6, the Culinary Institute of America and MIT Media Lab will honor 8 “disruptive startups shaping the future of food and technology.” Part of the rTF Innovator Program, the selected startups fall into 6 experiential focus areas: Fermented Foods and the Microbiome Back to Basics Urban Agriculture Food Science for Greater Good Eating …