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Flexitarian Lifestyle is New Trend

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+24% CAGR in global meat substitute launches (2011-2015) ARNHEM, The Netherlands, July 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Innova Market Insights data shows a +60% rise in global food and beverage launches using a vegetarian claim between 2011 and 2015. Launches featuring the term “vegan” also rose to account for 4.3% of total introductions in 2015, up from 2.8% in 2014 and just …

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Global Food Security Act Passes Congress

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In a statement from the White House yesterday, President Obama expressed gratitude and pride for the passage of “an overwhelmingly bipartisan piece of legislation,” The Global Food Security Act of 2016. The act writes Feed the Future, the U.S. global hunger and food security initiative, into law. Ambassador Susan E. Rice, the President’s National Security Advisor, says this is a historic and important step …

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Report: Prepared Foods and “Grocerants” Are on the Rise

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Sales of grocery prepared foods are growing fast. And as consumers continue to demand high-quality, convenient options, the trend is likely to continue. Several recent studies provide more details. Prepared foods are a high-growth sector Prepared foods at grocery outlets are seeing sizable growth. “In-store dining and take-out of prepared foods from grocers has grown nearly 30% since 2008,” according to …

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Filling Food Industry Skills Gaps

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Change is afoot in the food industry. In the next decade, it’s predicted that 2 million factory jobs will be left unfilled. Besides facing a labor shortage, the nature of food industry work is also changing. Technology now permeates every aspect of the most competitive food companies. Automation and connectivity are defining new norms in research, testing, supply chains, plant operations, food …

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Fourth-of-July Consumer Trends Stick to Tradition

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Want to know what America’s eating on Independence Day?  A national consumer poll released last week from Instantly says hamburgers win over hot dogs, 43% to 19%. Top favorite side dishes on the Fourth are baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, and potato salad. Frito-Lay/Lay’s is the brand of chips chosen by 50% of respondents, followed by KC Masterpiece, Kettle Chips, and Doritos, …

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Survey: Food Companies to Focus R&D on Developing New Products, Clean Up Existing Ones

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In their 45th Annual R&D Survey, Food Processing asked manufacturers about what they’re focusing on in 2016. Here’s what they had to say. R&D Focuses “Really new” product development will continue to be most important for R&D efforts this year, followed by “cleaning up” current products. Food safety will continue to have the most impact on R&D strategy, followed by …

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Call on Your ERP to Prevent and Manage Recalls

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God forbid you need to recall product, but if you do, Wayne Labs at Food Engineering offers advice for narrowing in on defective items using single-system ERP software. Labs recommends choosing an industry-specific ERP system to encompass traceability, FSMA, and business process integration. Linking a warehouse management system (WMS) to your ERP can also help identify anomalies and prevent cross-contamination early …

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Report: Transparency Is Key for Consumers

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A new report confirms that consumers are demanding more and more transparency when it comes to food products. For its 2016 Food Revolution Study, Label Insight surveyed more than 1,500 consumers “to determine how they make food choices, shop, and what they expect from brands when it comes to product information.” Overall, the study found that consumers: Value product transparency, …

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Permeation Testing Developments Improve Commercial Food Packaging

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Advancements in permeation testing technology can increase efficiency and improve packaging for manufactured food, says a recent Food Manufacturing article. Foods with greater sensitivity to water and oxygen have historically taken longer to test using manual and instrumented testing methods. Now, increased automation and sensor capabilities are decreasing employee training and expertise requirements and cutting testing cycles by up to …

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Senate GMO Labeling Agreement Reached

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According to a bipartisan agreement reached yesterday, food companies nationwide will be required to label for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for the first time. The Senate agreement is more lenient than the Vermont labeling law set to go into effect July 1. Vermont would require an explicit phrase, “produced with genetic engineering.” The federal deal allows options for labels using …