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Report: Transparency Is Key for Consumers

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A new report confirms that consumers are demanding more and more transparency when it comes to food products. For its 2016 Food Revolution Study, Label Insight surveyed more than 1,500 consumers “to determine how they make food choices, shop, and what they expect from brands when it comes to product information.” Overall, the study found that consumers: Value product transparency, …

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Permeation Testing Developments Improve Commercial Food Packaging

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Advancements in permeation testing technology can increase efficiency and improve packaging for manufactured food, says a recent Food Manufacturing article. Foods with greater sensitivity to water and oxygen have historically taken longer to test using manual and instrumented testing methods. Now, increased automation and sensor capabilities are decreasing employee training and expertise requirements and cutting testing cycles by up to …

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Senate GMO Labeling Agreement Reached

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According to a bipartisan agreement reached yesterday, food companies nationwide will be required to label for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for the first time. The Senate agreement is more lenient than the Vermont labeling law set to go into effect July 1. Vermont would require an explicit phrase, “produced with genetic engineering.” The federal deal allows options for labels using …

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UK Food Industry Gives Mixed Response to Brexit Vote

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The UK’s historic vote last night to leave the European Union sparked a global response from the food and drink industry. Many conservatives in the sector feel that Brexit will free Britain from a perceived “EU skepticism of science.” Greater flexibility in tariff negotiations and more effective government protection and support are other benefits cited by the Leave camp. Other …

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Good Housekeeping: 7 Tips for Food Processing Facilities

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Every food processing professional understands that clean facilities are critical to food safety. They’re also critical to the safety, health, and morale of everyone who works in your plant. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issues general “housekeeping” guidelines for every workplace. What do those look like for food production? Clean, dry floors Clean, dry floors are a priority …

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Food Industry Venture Capital Seeks Stakes in Startup Innovation

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Food and food tech startups can add Kellogg’s to their growing list of potential investors. The cereal giant announced Monday they’ve established a venture capital fund to invest in “companies pursuing next-generation innovation, bolstering access to cutting-edge ideas and trends.” Included in its mandate are pioneers of new ingredients, foods, packaging, and food-related technology. According to Fortune,’s John Kell, many …

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Food Industry E-commerce Strategies for Success

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In March of this year, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reported on the accelerating penetration rate of e-commerce in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) markets, from 1% in 2014 to a predicted 5% average or higher by 2018 and beyond. The report estimates that half of all growth in CPG sales between now and 2018 will come from e-commerce. So far, says …

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HookLogic Partners with Instacart, FreshDirect, and to Aggregate the Digital Aisle for CPG Brands

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New Partnerships Expand Closed-Loop Advertising for Grocery and Health & Beauty Brands NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 21, 2016 HookLogic, the pioneer of performance marketing for brands, today announced that brands will now be able to drive featured placement and increase sales on leading consumer packaged goods (CPG) retailers, Instacart, FreshDirect, and The new sites join the ranks of …

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WeiserMazars’ Annual U.S. Food And Beverage Industry Study Shows Companies Anticipate Substantial Sales Increase In 2016

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NEW YORK, JUNE 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ According to the 2016 annual U.S. Food & Beverage Industry Study, released today by WeiserMazars LLP, a leading accounting, tax and advisory services firm; most Food and Beverage companies anticipate a significant increase in sales this year. Survey participants – which were drawn from over 200 companies across the food and beverage industry – are …

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Baby and Toddler Food Market Set for Growth Spurt

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According to Lauren Hartman at, new research from Mintel predicts a boom in the baby food market following five years of sluggish growth. Neilsen’s 2015 Global Baby Care Survey corroborates the predictions, showing the fastest growth in developing markets, although 46% of baby food sales still comes from the U.S. and Europe. Hartman reflects that sales may have slowed because …