Gen Z (18- to 24-year-olds) is into snacks, easy-to-prepare meals, and healthy foods, according to a new report by Packaged Facts.

This generation is similar to their Millennial predecessors, with an even greater emphasis on convenience and health. Here are a few highlights from the report:

  • Convenience. Gen Z households are more likely than Millennial households to eat prepared foods, including shelf-to-microwave diners, frozen breakfast entrees/sandwiches, frozen dinners, packaged dinners, dinner mixes, and meal kits.
  • Health. Even with the emphasis on convenience, Gen Z doesn’t want to sacrifice their health. They’re more likely to look for organic and natural foods, as well as those without artificial additives. And they’re more likely to be vegetarians.
  • Adventure. Gen Z are adventurous in their food choices and want food companies to provide novel, authentic food experiences.

These trends suggest plenty of opportunity for innovative food companies to capture the hearts and stomachs of this generation.

“Seemingly perpetually in motion, ubiquitously surrounded by limitless smartphone entertainment options, and frequently willing to work multiple jobs or side gigs, many Gen Z young adults are attracted to easy-to-prepare meals as well as snacking,” Packaged Facts research director David Sprinkle said in a press release. “Therefore, there’s exists ample opportunity for food marketers of frozen prepared meals, canned soups, potato chips, and other canned and packaged prepared food such as salads and desserts, to convert adults under the age of 25 into loyal lifelong customers.”

Visit the Packaged Facts website to learn more and purchase the report.