Friday, September 22, 2023
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Food Industry Webinars & Online Events

PLM Basics for Food and Beverage Retailers and Producers

Want to learn how Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can drive digital transformation for your food and beverage business? Join our PLM Basics for Food and Beverage Retailers and Producers webinar to meet Centric Software®, the PLM market leader. We’ll explore why food and beverage retailers and producers are investing in PLM solutions to speed time to market, […]

Digital Event, Driving Transparency Between Suppliers and Retailers With PLM

These days, food and beverage retailers feel constant pressure to get new products and line extensions to market faster than ever before. But how can they successfully balance speeding time to market with reducing costs, increasing revenue AND driving new product development? The answer’s as simple as P-L-M. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) not only maximizes successful product […]


Digital Dirt: Finding AI Solutions for Soil Carbon Sequestration

Soil carbon sequestration through regenerative farming can increase food production, raise farmer profitability, and drawdown atmospheric carbon. But we currently lack the data necessary to establish robust carbon markets that would support widescale regenerative farming. Join Pecan Street for a conversation with leaders in the fields of artificial intelligence and soil science to learn more […]

Own the Digital Shelf: Strategies for Food & Beverage Companies

Large food & beverage companies often struggle to manage their product content and data, which inhibits innovation and makes it difficult to meet consumer demands. Given the surge in eCommerce and online shopping, digital assets have become critical for ensuring that your products can be found on the digital shelf. This webinar will highlight the […]

Enabling excellence from brand to product lifecycle management

How quickly can you establish a new process to support multiple disciplines working collaboratively? Learn how to launch more product initiatives to market with an integrated PLM software This includes brand hierarchy management, ideation, program management, project collaboration, and product lifecycle management. Join Siemens for this 30 minute session about integrated program and lifecycle management. […]

Transform recipes into successful products: Speed up your formulation and validation

How efficiently can you capitalize on your R&D potential, develop new products with more complexity and bring these products to market faster? Respond effectively to emerging market trends and maintain a competitive edge through flexible, efficient and comprehensive formulated product data management. Watch this 30 minute session to hear from Siemens' experts on how an […]

Fight Food Waste With Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability cannot be just a buzzword — it has to be a priority to protect supply chains, product quality, and the environment. According to the U.N., roughly 1.3 trillion tons of food is wasted each year. Minimizing food waste is important for both your business and your customers. Companies are facing pressure to ramp up […]

Simplify increasing complexity of your manufacturing operations and reduce costs of production

How does integrated manufacturing operations management (MOM) solution address the critical domain where virtual and real production converge? MOM links enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, which integrate data, processes and business systems, to the manufacturing floor’s production machinery and automation. Tune in to this 30 minute session see how flexible manufacturing […]

Traceability and transparency to the consumer

Connecting information from the source to the product sold Register today to learn how you can increase food safety and freshness, minimize waste, enhance your brand’s reputation, and contribute directly to your bottom line. Leverage data analytics across the supply chain to close the loop back to product and production design. Join Siemens in this […]

Establish Your ERP and Process Foundations for Your Digital Future

Food and beverage companies face complex manufacturing environments with the imperative to control both quality and cost. In this webinar, IPM’s F&B ERP experts will discuss how the right operational practices and technology enable you to minimize costs, properly manage your supply chain capacity, and make timely, intelligent strategic decisions. Discussion topics will include: How […]

Ransomware: Preparation & Response for Critical Infrastructure

Ever since the now-infamous WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware variants indiscriminately infected millions of devices worldwide just four years ago, ransomware has grown alarmingly more targeted, prevalent, and destructive—particularly in critical infrastructure sectors. Unsurprisingly, this escalation of attacks against industrial targets comes with new challenges for the security and risk decision-makers tasked with preserving the availability, […]