Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Food Industry Webinars & Online Events



Color-Coding as a Preventive Control: Improving Food Safety and Sanitation Using Color-Coded Tools

Over the past 15 years as a food safety professional, Amit M. Kheradia has been consulting companies on the regulations, standards, and best practices influencing the U.S. and global food industries. He believes that companies should work towards adopting simpler strategies for achieving food safety compliance. A color-coding system used as a preventive control can […]

4 Best Practices Plant Managers Can Quickly Implement To Drive Compliance

Hear advice from a Plant Manager with 30+ years of manufacturing leadership experience. Join Parsable for a live webinar as Doug Haasis draws upon his experience as a plant manager and operations leader at organizations such as Tyson Foods, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to give you advice for running a productive and more resilient plant. The […]

Cultured Meat: Can the Emerging Field Disrupt the $1 Trillion Meat Industry?

Cultured meat, otherwise known as cultivated meat or cell-based meat, is an emerging technology area that uses lab-grown animal cells to create meat products without requiring animal slaughter, potentially avoiding the environmental problems of conventional agriculture. Unlike many of today's meat alternatives, cultured meat has the potential to create a product that is completely identical […]

Own the Digital Shelf: Strategies for Food & Beverage Companies

Large food & beverage companies often struggle to manage their product content and data, which inhibits innovation and makes it difficult to meet consumer demands. Given the surge in eCommerce and online shopping, digital assets have become critical for ensuring that your products can be found on the digital shelf. This webinar will highlight the […]

Weekly Webinar: The State of the Specialty Food Industry 2021

Join the team behind the Specialty Food Association's annual research as they explore the retail and foodservice sales data of specialty foods and sales forecasts, including analysis and commentary on the continuing impact of COVID-19 on the industry. Bring your questions and engage with this live update on where the specialty food industry is headed. […]

Water Resilience in the Food Industry

Produced in Partnership with FMI, the Food Industry Association. As we look to the future, the food industry as a whole is facing a daunting task – how do we feed a growing population using fewer resources and amid a changing and unpredictable climate? And in many ways, it all comes down to water. Demand […]

Eliminate Machine Downtime and Improve Overall Safety Compliance

Looking to incorporate workflow and asset management software into your existing automation environment? LLumin mitigates operations downtime while enabling compliance with MOC, SQF and food safety regulations. The workflow engine, along with forms and document management, is configured to automatically trigger, monitor and log any set of required notifications and escalations, corrective actions or criteria-based […]

Webinar: Transform Your Organization to EHS 4.0 with Digital Innovation

It’s not at all surprising that COVID-19 has brought much attention to Environment, Health and Safety in the workplace given we have been dealing with a major health crisis for more than a year now. Safety is certainly of even greater concern for organizations and their people.  A more interesting and perhaps encouraging outcome is  that companies […]

What Are The Prospects for Immunity Boosting Ingredients?

From Dave Fusaro, Editor-In-Chief, Food Processing: Immunity has long been a concern for some consumers, but many more are on that bandwagon as a result of the pandemic. What are the prospects for immunity boosting ingredients like vitamins C, D and E, zinc and antioxidants—and their plant sources (tropical superfruits, turmeric, elderberry, blackcurrant)—as well as […]