Food Industry Webinars & Online Events

Webinar: Optimize Continuous Improvement Through Industrial Transformation

Chances are, your company is either considering or already undergoing Industrial Transformation (IX). In fact, many say the move to IX is inevitable—in many firms, IX leaders are already making big changes to the way they run their businesses. But the reality of IX is that it needs to fit into other programs already underway or […]

Connecting the Dots with Dr. Food

Join Dr. David Hughes, a.k.a. Dr. Food, and Charlie Arnot, CEO of The Center for Food Integrity, for the fastest 15 minutes in food. Dr. Hughes will share insights from his perspective in the U.K. and what it means for the food system around the world. Register here.

CFI NOW: Sticker Shock – Rising Prices and Food Chain Impacts

The U.S. is setting records, and it’s not anything to celebrate. Consumer prices recently hit their highest level in 13 years, with the cost of meat products and baked goods leading the way, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. While the reasons and ripple effects are many, no one is immune from the sticker […]

Rodent’s Tale to Tell: Prevention, Control and Integrated Pest Management Strategies

For every tail, there’s a tale to tell. Most likely one you’d like to forget! As the Summer heat fades. your facility will face a different set of pest pressures. While flies, ants, and stored product pests may be the focus now, the change in season will bring increased rodents and perhaps other pests searching […]

Transform recipes into successful products: Speed up your formulation and validation

How efficiently can you capitalize on your R&D potential, develop new products with more complexity and bring these products to market faster? Respond effectively to emerging market trends and maintain a competitive edge through flexible, efficient and comprehensive formulated product data management. Watch this 30 minute session to hear from Siemens' experts on how an […]

[Digital Event] Food & Beverage Quality and Compliance Made More Reliable by PLM

This event will be in English Are you swimming in a sea of government agencies, regulations, internal policies and a myriad of functions throughout y our company? What if there was one solution that could address all the different aspects of food quality and compliance? The good news is, there is! Discover what Product Lifecycle […]

Fight Food Waste With Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability cannot be just a buzzword — it has to be a priority to protect supply chains, product quality, and the environment. According to the U.N., roughly 1.3 trillion tons of food is wasted each year. Minimizing food waste is important for both your business and your customers. Companies are facing pressure to ramp up […]

Small-Scale UHT/HTST Processing: The Critical Step Between the Bench and the Plant

Learn about the importance of scale-up! Join the discussion! So many exciting food products are being created by entrepreneurs these days. But it's a huge step from the R&D bench to the production plant. Laboratory UHT/HTST and aseptic processing is the key to efficiently transitioning that new product concept to a final product. They will […]

CFI Illuminate: Free-From Labeling

The Center for Food Integrity hosts this special Illuminate presentation focused on consumer perceptions of "free-from" food labels. MotivBase will share its latest research on consumer views and emerging trends. You will have the opportunity to ask questions. Register here.  

Mass scaling of your sustainable and nutritious new food

How efficiently can you predict complex product and process performance in the virtual world? Register today to see several real-world applications of multiphysics simulation in the Food and Beverage Industry—Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Discrete Element Modeling (DEM), system simulation, and advanced process modeling—for maximizing food quality, and for scaling up key processes in food processing […]

Roundtable Discussion with our 2021 R&D Teams of the Year

Food Processing will talk with the winners of the R&D Teams of the Year poll, which lets readers pick the best product development teams at small, medium and large food & beverage companies. Discussion will center on what makes their process unique and their most novel new products. Register here.

Lunch & Learn: Sustainability in Motion

During this webinar, Kerry will uncover these evolving consumers’ sustainability associations and discuss how your organization can take action to address them. Together, with Kerry, we can make an impact that is better for people, better for society and better for the planet. Register here.