Friday, September 22, 2023
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Food Industry Webinars & Online Events

WEBINAR: Improve Poultry Welfare with 3D Cameras, Gene Editing and AI

Peter Ahrendt, Ph.D., CEO, Animoni ApS, will discuss a new solution for high-precision weighing of broilers that uses 3D camera technology to capture both the shape and volume of the birds and can record even in the dark with its internal IR light source. Yuval Cinnamon, Ph.D., principal investigator, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center - NRS […]

Wabel Savoury Grocery Summit

The Wabel Savoury Grocery Summit will consist of two days to meet potential business partners during pre-matched and pre-scheduled B2B Smart Meetings™ to bring together curated buyers and vetted suppliers from the Savoury Grocery industry. These real one-on-one conversations will last 25 minutes (15 min presentation + 10 min Q&A) and be held in a private meeting. Register here.

Solve Poultry Production Issues with Robots, AI and Automation

Colin Usher, senior research scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute, will present a mobile robot that can pick up floor eggs, collect poultry house management data, and sense animal welfare. Jason Guss, Ph.D., CEO of Iterate Labs, will highlight how artificial intelligence can collect essential performance (productivity, safety, quality) metrics on each worker to be used to incentivize […]

2021 Global Food and Beverage Industry Trends Report

Over the last few years, technology modernized and improved the way food and beverage companies operate and innovate their product offerings to meet consumer trends. As manufacturers and distributors continue to combat the challenges brought on by the pandemic, certain vulnerabilities have been exacerbated across the supply chain. Hear the latest insights and trends in […]

The Top U.S. Consumer and Cultural Trends for 2022

Discussion Topics: Track how U.S. consumer values have changed over the course of the pandemic Determine which U.S. consumer trends could have the most impact on brand strategies in 2022 Find out how marketing leaders should react to trends in U.S. consumer sentiment Consumers’ relationships to work, home and society continue to evolve, and consumers’ […]

Diversity, Inclusion and Bias (DIBS): Measure Progress. Improve Performance. Increase Productivity

Does your organization need to be able to measure its success with Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias (DIBs) efforts? Our Diversity, Inclusion and Bias (DIBs)™ Model will help you do just that. Hear the latest research around Bias and its impact in the workplace and clarify the connection between Diversity, Inclusion, Bias and organization success. After this session, you […]

Future Restaurants Virtual Event

Restaurants. Reimagined. This past year and a half have been nothing short of challenging. Just when we figured out our favorite Zoom background and how to wear sweatpants with work shirts, the real world is opening up again. The Future Restaurants Virtual Event of 2021 brings together senior-level executives from every facet of the restaurant […]

Improve Poultry Flock Health with AMPs, Data Analysis

Russell Jones, commercial development, OPTIfarm, will share how data collection, algorithms and feedback systems can help integrators identify issues and solve problems to improve flock outcomes. Lilong Chai, Ph.D., assistant professor and poultry engineering specialist, University of Georgia will discuss how machine vision can be used to detect broiler floor distribution patterns, behaviors and welfare patterns. Inanc Birol, Ph.D., […]

An Intro to OEE: The Pulse of Your Plant’s Health

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), is *not* just about your machines or downtime improvements, it's a holistic indicator of your plant's health, efficiency, and productivity. OEE can be a blunt indicator that something in your plant is not quite right or it can be a precision tool that isolates bottlenecks and identifies root causes of production […]

Fix Poultry Labor Issues with VR, Kinematics and Imaging

Dr. Wayne Daley, advisor to the Agricultural Technology Research Program, Georgia Tech Research Institute will discuss how the integration of virtual and augmented reality interfaces between machines and people can help with loading machines and manipulating product in poultry production. Comas Haynes, faculty, Georgia Tech Research Institute, will share information on a system and method for rotation […]

Vegan Voices. with Joanne Kong. Veganism, Nutrition, Compassion, and Sustainability

Joanne is among the most compelling advocates for plant-based nutrition today.  She has given numerous presentations at festivals, TedX talks, conference, and universities around the globe including Yale, Tufts, M.I.T, the Univ. of Southern California, and the Univ. of Pennsylvania. She completed a speaking tour of India in 2018, and numerous, other international presentations. Joanne […]