Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Food Industry Webinars & Online Events



Advanced Water Recovery and Reuse in the F&B Industry – A Case Study from Frito-Lay

Water scarcity is a global concern for the twenty-first century and a global water crisis threatens the public health, security, economy, stability and environmental sustainability of all nations. The Food and Beverage industry has made great strides towards reducing their water consumption and increasing the water reuse. Frito-Lay’s Casa Grande facility is a snack foods […]

Are Your Hoses Compromising Your Food Safety?

Takeaways from this webinar: For a product that seen all over the plant, hoses are an often overlooked part of your overall plan for food safety. But every product that you have the power to specify should be considered for its impact on food safety, and hoses are no different. Whether your concerns are high […]

Webinar: A Look Ahead: Total Wellness in 2022

Health and wellness is now the single most powerful consumer force, as the full spectrum of consumers’ well-being needs are reshaped as a result of the global pandemic. Though certainly still top of mind, consumers’ desires to take charge of their health, live purposefully, and improve their lives goes beyond diets and ingredients. NielsenIQ’s latest webinar […]

“Real Time IoT Cold Chain and beyond….. What technology is available out there and what to look for”

We’re excited to welcome Alex Guillen, Director Life Science and Pharma at Tive Inc. as our first presenter of the year. Alex is also a Board member of Switrace SA and former Global Cold Chain Director, Fisher Clinical Services and several roles over 15 years in the pharmaceutical cold chain, building businesses and operations, including Director Commercial […]

Calculate the Financial Impact of OEE Improvements

Do you have an OEE calculator? As an Operations or Production professional, can you convince key stakeholders of the financial impact of OEE improvements?  Join TBM Operations consultants at they share their framework for demonstrating process improvements in financial terms. Learn how to build an OEE calculator that will transform “cost” discussions into “investment” decisions. You will leave understanding how to […]

Digital Transformation Trends in 2022: Why Food Safety Matters

According to the World Health Organization, unsafe food leads to more than 200 diseases, which lead to 600 million people falling ill and 420,000 people dying every year. This is why food safety is always within the top 5 food industry trends each year. With food safety regulations constantly evolving and consumers wanting to ensure […]

Compass Coffee Talk Episode 21 – The Organic Insider: An Interview with Max Goldberg

BOULDER, CO (January 20, 2021) — Compass Coffee Talk, one of the nation’s leading podcasts focused on the business of natural and organic products, welcomes on February 9 Max Goldberg, Founder and Editor of Organic Insider. Max will join podcast co-hosts Steven Hoffman and Bill Capsalis for a lively discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing businesses […]

Cross-training Tips and Techniques to Attract, Develop, and Retain Valuable Workers

The great resignation. Employee burnout. Boomer retirements. And the pandemic. All of these factors have created an unprecedented labor shortage that is forcing manufacturers to re-examine how they attract, retain, and make the most of a precious supply of talent and resources. You might be trying to combat these shortages with signing bonuses, higher pay, […]

Sustainability in Food & Beverage

There’s never been a more crucial time for businesses to be in the know about going green. Sustainability has become an integral part of every food & beverage company’s focus. New regulations are beginning to sweep around the world driving the need to track and improve sustainability. Plus, increasingly consumers are demanding environmentally friendly packaging […]

Designing Internal Audits – Improve Results for Customer, 3rd Party & Regulatory Compliance

Are your internal audits benefitting your business? What about your customers, or regulators? The power of internal audits goes far beyond drawing attention to quality issues, or identifying processes that can be improved; it can be a fundamental piece in building good relationships with third-party stakeholders, including your customers and regulators.Find out how to craft […]

How BUILT Bars Built a COVID Health Check Culture

From Beekeeper: Join the BUILT Team discuss their COVID Health Culture Hear from Built Brands’ VP of HR, Shannon McQuarrie, and Director of HR, Shane Fisher during a Q&A with Beekeeper’s Manager RJ Bisaha. Learn how Built Brand, maker of the best-tasting protein bar – Built Bar, was able to create a robust COVID health […]