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2021 Global Food and Beverage Industry Trends Report

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Over the last few years, technology modernized and improved the way food and beverage companies operate and innovate their product offerings to meet consumer trends. As manufacturers and distributors continue to combat the challenges brought on by the pandemic, certain vulnerabilities have been exacerbated across the supply chain.

Hear the latest insights and trends in the food and beverage industry from Aptean’s 2021 Global Trends Report. We commissioned IDC to conduct this industry survey that polled food and beverage executives across the world. The report’s findings will be presented to help businesses in the food and beverage sector focus their initiatives on what’s next for the industry.

Join Aptean and a guest speaker from IDC to hear about:

  1. The future trends and challenges of the industry
  2. The opportunities your business can capitalize on
  3. Robust solutions designed for the food and beverage industry

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Kevin Prouty


I’ve been an engineer, plant manager, analyst, a marketer, an executive, and a consultant, but at my core I’m a practitioner, with almost 30 years experience in operations or researching it. From the shop floor to the boardroom, my background has given me insights from a variety of perspectives.

Jack Payne

Director of Solutions Consulting, Food and Beverage, Aptean

Payne originally joined the organization nearly 30 years ago with Ross ERP. Payne has collaborated with customers, industry analysts, and developers and has become a well-respected industry resource for best practices and future technology advancements.

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