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2022 Global Food and Beverage Industry Trends Report


As the food and beverage marketplace has continued to evolve, Aptean wanted to learn more about the impacts on the industry, so we commissioned IDC to conduct a survey that gathered over 650 responses and write the whitepaper: Global Food and Beverage Industry Trends and Strategic Insights 2022.

Join Jack Payne, Aptean’s food and beverage solutions consulting director, as he dives into what these results mean in terms of where the food and beverage industry is heading. Tune in as Jack discusses:

  • The future trends and challenges of the industry
  • The opportunities your business can capitalize on
  • Key takeaways and recommendations for 2023
  • Robust solutions designed for the food and beverage industry

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Jack Payne Aptean

Jack Payne, Director of Solutions Consulting, Food and Beverage, Aptean

[email protected]

Jack Payne is a director of solutions consulting, food and beverage, at Aptean. Over the last 30 years, Payne has collaborated with customers, industry analysts, and developers to create a strong vision for Aptean’s ERP solutions and has become a well-respected industry resource for best practices and future technology advancements.

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