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Supply Chain Disruptions: A Health Check for Your Operations

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The one constant in supply chain management is disruption — new competitors, new technologies, new trends, new roadblocks. With every disruption happening simultaneously, the food and beverage supply chain resiliency is currently being tested now more than ever.

As supply chain challenges continue, companies must act now or risk losing valuable customers they can’t afford to lose. So, how do food and beverage professionals keep up with constant changes and challenges throughout your operations?

This webinar will explore:

  • The current supply chain challenges
  • The unpredictable nature and volatility within food and beverage
  • The features to look for in technology to proactively manage your supply

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Jack Payne Aptean

Jack Payne, Solution Consulting Director Food and Beverage, Aptean
[email protected]

Jack Payne is a director solution consulting at Aptean, focusing on food and beverage ERP. Payne originally joined the organization nearly 30 years ago with Ross ERP. Payne has collaborated with customers, industry analysts, and developers and has become a well-respected industry resource for best practices and future technology advancements.

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