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Unlocking the Power of Frontline Manufacturing Teams

Panel discussion with KIND, Bizzy Coffee, and Noosa Yoghurt Sponsored by QAD Redzone

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In today’s labor market, people want to be a part of an organization that respects their ideas, appreciates their efforts, and gives them a voice. 

By doing so, you can expect remarkable productivity, culture, and employee retention improvements! 

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Register for this panel discussion to hear from industry leaders Bizzy Coffee, KIND, and Noosa Yoghurt. They’ll share how they’ve transformed their organizations by empowering their frontline employees to work with purpose and win the day, every day. 

This panel discussion will focus on strategies to drive change, reinforce new behaviors, and, ultimately, cultivate actions that lead teams to long-term success.

Register to learn how:

  • Empowering your frontline team impacts the overall operation
  • Digital transformation can be easy and accessible for all
  • Real-time visibility increases engagement, collaboration, and cross-team communication


Jonathan Lane

Solutions Director, QAD Redzone

Jonathan, a seasoned solutions director with 20+ years of experience in manufacturing, oversees a remarkable team that enables QAD Redzone customers to achieve transformative productivity gains, positively impacting lives across customer organizations. He has been with QAD Redzone for four years and continues to feel inspired by the miraculous results he sees.


Nichole Oster

Director of Quality, KIND - Quality Team of the Year Award Winners

Nichole has been the director of quality for KIND Snacks since 2020. Prior to joining KIND, Nichole worked in the quality, production, and CI side of food & beverage manufacturing for 17 years, previously at Morinaga America Foods and MOM Brands.

Shane Anderson

CI Manager, Noosa/Sovos Brands - Reliability Team of the Year Award Winners

Shane joined Noosa Yoghurt in 2016, starting his career as a production lead and working his way to continuous improvement manager. Prior to joining Noosa, his background was heavily involved in portfolio and financial asset management for companies including Countrywide Lending, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, and Edward Jones.

Derek Hoffman

VP of Operations, Bizzy Coffee - Productivity Team of the Year Award Winners

Derek is the Vice President of Operations for Get Bizzy Inc., a beverage company.

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