Monday, February 6, 2023
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[eBook] Continuous License Monitoring: Myth vs. Fact

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Driver safety is the biggest source of fleet liability risk. Whether a business has a fleet of trucks or just one or two salespeople on the road, it could be at risk of a costly lawsuit and damaged reputation should one of those drivers have an accident. Many companies do not realize they have an important duty of care to do all they can to ensure they put only safe drivers on the roads. Not knowing what is on a driver’s record can put a company at risk. Continuous license monitoring sends alerts of violations or license suspensions in real time, helping to remove risky drivers from the road before a problem occurs.

Fleet managers are under constant pressure to save money in all operations and may not fully recognize the value that continuous monitoring provides. Despite the benefits of increased efficiency and safety in fleet operations, continuous license monitoring can face pushback from leadership. Implementing such a program can help save fleets and their customers the costs associated with risky drivers — significantly reducing violations and preserving the bottom line.

By sticking to the facts, fleet managers can refute the most common myths associated with continuous license monitoring and prove it should be a cornerstone of any fleet safety policy.

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