Monday, June 17, 2024
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[Guide] Employee Scheduling for Manufacturing: A Best Practices Guide

Guide Sponsored by Shiftboard

Central to a manufacturer’s operational success is its people: the dedicated production and warehouse staff, and the operations management teams who work tirelessly to support them. For these frontline contributors, the employee schedule serves as the central conduit connecting business operations to the people who get the work done.

The employee schedule also is the key to controlling labor costs, improving employee retention, and enabling more streamlined, flexible, and efficient operations.

With this Guide, you’ll discover six best practices for optimizing manufacturing workforce operations using staff scheduling strategies:

  • Increase Profitability with Improved Labor Forecasting
  • Control Labor Costs with Responsive Scheduling Practices
  • Disruption-Proof Operations with a Flexible Workforce
  • Boost Retention with Worker-Centric Scheduling
  • Ensure Safety with Adherence to Scheduling Rules
  • Optimize Labor by Connecting Daily Operations to Workforce Capabilities

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