Friday, September 22, 2023
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[Guide] Guide to Replacing Accounting Software

Guide sponsored by FoodBusiness ERP 

At some point, every food and beverage company outgrows its small business accounting software. In the early stages of managing a business, CFOs and other executives can handle transactions between customers and departments manually or with basic accounting tools. But once a business starts to grow in size and complexity, the volume of activity becomes more than they can handle with basic software.

Deciding to upgrade to a more robust solution like an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a big undertaking. Ideally, a new software system will help you make notable gains in efficiency, productivity, growth, and cost savings. But choosing the right time to upgrade and the right system to upgrade to can be difficult.

This guide is designed to help CFOs get a better understanding of when, why, and how to go about upgrading their accounting software. It covers:

  • The signs it’s time to replace your accounting software
  • Why CFOs should consider a food-specific ERP solution
  • How to go about choosing the right solution for your business

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