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[eBook] Pursuing Food Manufacturing Excellence With Blending Optimization

eBook brought to you by DELMIA

Food manufacturing companies need a way to overcome key industry challenges like volatile raw ingredient prices and narrow profit margins in a highly competitive market.

However, managing the operational complexity of food manufacturing adds to the mounting pressure as planners seek to find the right balance while considering factors such as food safety constraints, ingredient shelf life, inventory, and processing capacity.

And with suppliers everywhere hit hard by past and current global disruptions, manufacturers are scrambling to expand their supplier base to improve supply chain resilience.

So how can food manufacturers stay one step ahead of all these challenges?

Innovation has created opportunities for companies to drive significant cost savings and profitability with blending optimization. Discover the innovative technology that helps you optimize your blending process and supports your organization’s digital transformation.

In this eBook by DELMIA and The Logic Factory:

  • Take an in-depth look at blending optimization and its benefits and complex challenges
  • Explore key solution capabilities that make it possible to optimize blends and food production
  • Discover the business value of unlocking food supply chain synchronization with DELMIA

Download the eBook today to learn the right recipe for food manufacturing planning excellence.

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