Monday, April 22, 2024
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[Guide] Gain Control of End-to-End Food and Beverage Product Development

Guide by Centric Software

Learn How Digitalization is Critical for Go-To-Market Success

Keeping up with rapidly changing consumer behavior and market disruptions is difficult if your food and beverage business is still using outdated and siloed spreadsheets or product development systems.

To get products to market faster and remain competitive, food and beverage companies need to infuse modern digital capabilities into every phase of development, from concept, regulatory compliance, labeling, packaging, procurement, specification management and product portfolio management through to commercialization.

As consumers increasingly seek to buy from companies with a green, transparent and fair ethos, a digital-first strategy is also essential to keep on top of sourcing transparency, tracking and reporting.

Read the free Centric Software® guide to digitalization: Gain Control of End-to-End Food and Beverage Product Development, to discover how cutting-edge innovations:

  • Reduce time-consuming and costly mistakes
  • Increase product margins
  • Drive effective supplier collaboration
  • Empower sustainability initiatives
  • Enable rapid reactions to regulatory changes and recalls


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