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[Guide] Food Manufacturers Are Expanding Into the Pet Market to Help Offset Negative Impacts of a Recession

Guide by Bimini Pet Health

The pet industry is turning to human-grade ingredients. 

Learn why this new trend can be lucrative for food manufacturers. 

Today’s pet owners are treating their pets like children and are seeking products for their dogs and cats that are similar to the ones they use for themselves. Dog and cat lovers want ingestible products made with human-grade ingredients for their furry friends, but many pet product manufacturers aren’t equipped nor have the will to produce pet products that are human-grade. 

This leaves room for the food industry to capitalize on this growing, lucrative trend.  

Bimini Pet Health is a private-label and contract manufacturer of pet health supplements, health treats, and pet foods and an early adopter of the move to human-grade manufacturing for dosage form pet health supplements. 

Download our free guide to learn why human-grade ingredients are growing in popularity and how to leverage this trend for your business.

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