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Meal kit popularity continues to rise as adult consumers seek to simplify food prep, eat healthier, and try new recipes, says a new Harris Poll. More than 2,000 adults participated, including 474 who purchased a meal kit online or in-store in the past 12 months of the poll.

Overall, 1 in 4 adults purchased a meal kit in 2016 and 70% still purchase meal kits. The top reasons for buying a meal kit included:

  • Save time on meal planning (46%)
  • Reduce prep and cook time (45%)
  • Save time grocery shopping (37%)
  • Try new recipes (36%)
  • Healthy recipes (34%)

Read on for more details.

Consumers are choosing meal kits to simplify food prep.

Out of the adults polled, 46% said saving time on meal planning and 45% said reducing prep and cook time solidified their purchase decision.

86% of active meal kit purchasers mentioned they would add dessert to their meal kit if offered. They’re in luck, too. Meal kit marketplace Chef’d and The Hershey Company partnered last year to bring desserts to consumers. S’mores cookies, anyone?

Previous kit purchasers cited lower prices as a way to entice another purchase.

Consumers like meal kits for the healthier eating options, compared to prepared meals from the grocery store.

Meal kits appeal to 34% of adult consumers because they offer healthy options. The majority of active purchasers turn to meal kits as an alternative to prepared meals found at their local grocery store.

Fresh food consumption is on the rise in 2017, but so is the ‘make some/buy some’ trend, so it makes sense that consumers choose meal kits for the healthy ingredients and the convenience factor. In fact, a December IDDBA Report predicts a huge increase in online grocery shopping through 2020. It looks like a healthy beginning for meal kits.

When it comes to meat in kits, 89% of purchasers said they’re satisfied with regular meat options compared to organic.

Consumers use meal kits to discover new recipes.

Finally, meal kits give consumers an opportunity to try something new. Maybe it’s a new spice — or perhaps it’s fish: ⅔ of active purchasers report eating more seafood when they purchase a meal kit.

Read the rest of the 2016 Harris Poll results here.

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