From warehouses and delivery vehicles to grocery stores and foodservice operations, the food industry depends on cold storage to keep food safe.

For smaller companies, traditional cold storage can be a significant capital investment. They also require extensive maintenance. The CoolBot, from Store It Cold, provides a cost-effective solution for restaurants, retailers, and equipment supplier test kitchens.

The CoolBot is a small device that allows you to build a walk-in cooler in any insulated room using a standard air conditioner. The system can store and protect items at temperatures as low as 34°F, which is below the threshold required for food safety. Compared to conventional systems, a CoolBot-driven cooler will save you up to 83% in upfront costs, eliminate expensive repair technicians, and reduce your electric bills by up to 42%.

In addition to the DIY option, Store It Cold offers turnkey energy-efficient walk-in coolers built using CoolBot technology.

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