Dustcontrol suction brushes

Dustcontrol is boosting its offer with suction brushes approved for the food industry. The new suction brushes combine all the features demanded by the leading companies in the industry. 

 “Our new suction brushes allow companies in the food industry to clean their equipment more effectively,” says Roger Berglund, project officer at Dustcontrol.

There are four main challenges that food manufacturers face when it comes to cleaning equipment that comes into contact with food:

* It must be possible to distinguish between the different pieces of cleaning equipment, so that particles are not transferred between different parts of the production process.

* The cleaning equipment must not contain elements that migrate into food.

* It must be possible to trace any particles or materials that come loose and get transferred to the food.

* The cleaning equipment must not build up static electricity, which can lead to dust explosions.

These challenges have traditionally been difficult to address. Therefore many food manufacturers have had to focus on dealing with the legal requirements by means of measurements within the production process.

The Swedish company Dustcontrol has now developed a unique solution – suction brushes that meet both European and US requirements (FDA) for dust management in food production and are labelled with the “Glass/Fork” symbol.The brushes come in five different colors, with black or white bristles. They are detectable, autoclavable, and moreover they are antistatic and ESD approved. A unique combination of properties.

“There are stringent requirements for food producers. Our role as supplier to food producers is to make their job easier as much as possible. These brushes make it possible for food producers to improve both quality and efficiency in their production processes, which ultimately leads to greater profitability,” says Roger.

Contact: Henrik Lehtinen, Sales Manager, Dustcontrol Inc.
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