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Barreling into fall interrupt your regular reading schedule? No worries — catch up on the latest food industry news with our top five articles from August.

1. Food Processing Workers in the Top 10 for Pay Increase Potential

A fatter paycheck could be on the horizon for workers in the food processing industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Data shows that between 2016 and 2017, the median salary in this sector rose by a staggering 24%. Given the labor shortage in the food industry, the trend won’t slow any time soon.

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2. Most People Don’t Plan Ahead for Dinner, New Survey Shows

Most people can’t easily answer “what’s for dinner?”, says Acosta and Technomic. Instead of putting together a meal plan each week, consumers turn to options like takeout, delivery, meal kits, and other convenience foods.

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3. Leading-Edge X-ray Technology Helps Sausage Manufacturer Avert Major Disaster

Food safety is a pinnacle concern for any food manufacturer, but visual product inspections don’t always cut it. In this guest article, FlexXray®’s VP of Sales explains how leveraging X-ray technology for inspections could revolutionize food safety.

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4. 151 Food and Beverage Companies Secure Spots on the 2018 Inc. 5000 List

Each year, Inc. compiles a list of the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States. And in 2018, 151 food and beverage companies ranging from fast-casual restaurant chains to microbreweries and snack producers ranked among the elite.

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5. Pinto Aims to Clear Up Food Label Confusion

Food labels are a big point of confusion with today’s consumer, especially since claims like “non-GMO,” “antibiotic free,” and “100% natural” saturate the market — and are losing clout. Pinto, a startup tech company, is aiming to clear things up with an app that creates custom food labels for consumers based on their dietary needs and preferences.

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