Paul Guglielmo, Founder and CEO of Guglielmo Sauce

Post-sale, all operations moved to new 5,000 square-foot facility Production in new building begins today

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Paul Guglielmo, founder and CEO of Guglielmo Sauce, purchased food manufacturing facility Permac Enterprises Inc. located in Bergen, NY of Genesee County. The transaction took place in early May, 2020. Permac is one of only six USDA cannery manufacturing plants in New York State and specializes in taking recipes from individuals, restaurants or food production brands, and adjusting it for large production. Customers range from marinara sauces to hot sauces and BBQ sauces to salsas for brands across the region. It’s the exclusive production facility for Guglielmo Sauce, Coach Tony’s, Uncle Ralph’s, Red Osier and several other high-profile food brands.

As CEO, Guglielmo will manage all operations, marketing, production, sales and business strategy and growth for the organization, and will continue his role as CEO of Guglielmo Sauce. The first major change under Guglielmo’s leadership: a new 5,000 square-foot manufacturing facility (building) located on Appletree Road. For the past 15 years, Permac has been housed in a former pizza shop. The Permac team has moved all production and business operations to the new facility and work will begin there effective today.

Guglielmo’s goal is to double sales in the first year. Today, Permac uses two 35-gallon kettles to produce its customers’ products. In time, he plans on adding equipment and doubling production efforts. Additionally, he plans on rebranding the manufacturing facility this summer.

“I’m living out my dream” said 37-year old Guglielmo. “I started Guglielmo Sauce in 2014 and it grew beyond what I ever could’ve imagined. Today I own a well-respected, well-oiled manufacturing facility; the one that helped me start Guglielmo Sauce on Day 1. Permac was my first partner. This team is a group of some of the hardest working partners and I’m excited for the opportunity to lead our team, grow this manufacturing facility, and turn out great products for stores and customers across the markets we serve.”

Permac was founded in 2004 by Tony Perry, who sold the business to Guglielmo. He’s on a 3-month transition contract with Guglielmo. Also on the Permac team includes two full-time team members, both of which are staying with the business under Guglielmo’s leadership.

Guglielmo founded his small business, based in the Greater Rochester region, called Guglielmo Sauce, a line of 15+ marinara sauces. The product is available in over 500 stores, including Wegmans, Tops and Whole Foods. All production of Guglielmo Sauces started at Permac, until volume of production became too large. However, the first client Guglielmo is adding to Permac’s book-of-business is his own Guglielmo Sauce.

He grew up in Northeast Ohio and lives in Rochester, NY with his wife and son.

For more information on Guglielmo and this business transaction, read more here in Greater Rochester’s daily Gannett paper, Democrat and Chronicle, published on May 1. Once the new name and brand is ready to be shared, a follow-up press release will be issued. For information on Permac, visit here. For more information on Guglielmo, visit here. To reach Guglielmo directly, call him at 585-350-5788.

Ryann Guglielmo
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