Monday, February 6, 2023
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[Guide] Remote Audits: Certification and Supplier Qualification at a Distance

Guide Sponsored by SafetyChain Software

New logistical challenges in F&B facilities make achieving compliance even tougher. COVID-19 has dramatically altered the way we work together in facilities in efforts to mitigate illness. But regulations are changing…audits don’t always have to happen in-person, and GFSI’s recently-updated benchmarking requirements sanction the use of technology in the auditing process. Facilities are turning to remote audits to stay certified and keep customers happy.

It’s likely that strict visitor policies and physical distancing rules will remain in place for quite a while. Fortunately, remote audits allow teams to remain compliant under these new limitations, empowering them to deliver safe products to their customers.

This eGuide covers the differences between in-person and remote audits, critical steps in the process, including how to get a list of required documents in advance, and best practices for working with your auditor in this new format.

Learn how to quickly and easily implement a remote audit program in your facility, with expert advice from SafetyChain and Eurofin’s Food Assurance division.

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