Processor Returns Waste to Infeed, Converts It Into Material Savings

York, PA: Continuous Processors from process equipment manufacturer Readco Kurimoto, LLC, York, Pa. (, allow both in spec scrap and out of spec waste material to be recovered, reprocessed, and transformed into in spec, saleable product rather than discarded as waste. Proven in recovering and recycling plastics, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, building products, and other regulated and non-regulated materials, the Continuous Processors reduce the amount of raw ingredients and/or virgin material required to achieve production targets while reducing the volume of waste generated for significant savings in raw material and disposal costs as well as in associated waste handling equipment.

Incorporating up to 50 percent of scrap and waste material back into the process depending on the target specifications and allowable heat history, the Continuous Processors feature a customized configuration with a loss-in-weight (LIW) feeder that meters the scrap and waste material into the infeed based on the required ratio of scrap and waste to raw ingredients or virgin material. The ratio may be quickly adjusted on the fly as the recipe requires via the touch-screen control panel to ensure the process yields the homogeneous material targeted at discharge.

The Continuous Processors integrate mixing, blending, reacting, crystallizing and other processes into a single, automated step to eliminate the time, labor, and quality variations inherent in batch processing. Offered as a turnkey system to suit each product and process, the Readco Continuous Processors are manufactured in the company’s York, Pa. headquarters based on testing conducted on full-size equipment in its on-site laboratory to verify performance.

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