poonshot Co-Founder & CEO Kishan Vasani to Address Role of Food & Beverages in Supporting Mental Health at Future Food-Tech

AI and Food Science Start-Up Responds to Pandemic Stress and Anxiety 

MINNEAPOLIS, February 18, 2021—The past year has seen a 24 percent spike in stress and anxiety levels as a result of the pandemic. For the food and beverage industry, this presents a range of opportunities to help consumers improve their mental and emotional well-being. With Spoonshot’s AI-powered innovation research platform, companies can create products to support stress relief and anti-anxiety.

Next month at Future Food-Tech Kishan Vasani, Spoonshot’s co-founder and CEO, will present “The Growing Role of Adaptogens in Tackling Stress” (Friday, March 12, 2021, 11:10 PT). Adaptogens, non-toxic plants that can potentially help the body resist stressors of all kinds—physical, chemical or biological—are considered to be helpful as relaxation aids and can even regulate mood.

Emerging adaptogenic ingredients like guayusa, ashwagandha, and copaiba just to name a few are being studied for their efficacy and have shown promising results. Incorporating these ingredients in food and beverage options can help reduce consumers’ feelings of anxiety. With Spoonshot’s AI-based flavor pairing tool, which is now free, food and beverage manufacturers can more effectively respond to consumers’ wellness routines in innovative ways.

“Mental health professions expect to see far-reaching, long-term effects of the pandemic on people’s mental and emotional well-being,” said Vasani. “Food as medicine is not a new concept, but given the pandemic we’re seeing a revival. Food and beverage manufacturers can play a pivotal role in helping consumers manage their stress, which for many is at an all-time high.”

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About Spoonshot:

Spoonshot delivers food and beverage innovation intelligence by leveraging AI and food science. Our insights reveal the future of food through a deep understanding of emerging and evolving consumer and market needs, enabling us to accurately predict trends and uncover innovation opportunities.

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