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1. The Consumer Packaged Goods Year in Review

From Unioncrate

This year, the CPG industry experienced a once-in-a-generation shift.

Nearly every facet of the industry was impacted by the pandemic, which accelerated changes to consumer purchasing behavior. As a result, brands, retailers, and seemingly every other entity along the supply chain were forced to adapt their strategies—fast.

One question looms large: Which “unprecedented” trends are here to stay?

We’ve analyzed the consumption data and market trends that defined the Consumer Packaged Goods industry in 2020, through these five key categories:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Health, Beauty & Personal Care
  • Pet Care
  • Baby Care
  • Household Care

Make sense of an incredible year and prepare for what 2021 has in store with this free report. Download now.

2. Use the Industrial IoT to Solve the Manufacturing Skills and Talent Gap

From RTInsights

Manufacturers are facing a serious skills crisis, but they have the power to begin closing that gap.

Companies have the capacity to leverage the know-how and experience from their retiring workers and younger workers. They also have access to powerful capabilities that can be unlocked with digitalization and the industrial IoT.

In this white paper, sponsored by Siemens, you’ll learn about:

  • What manufacturers need from retiring workers and new, younger workers.
  • Why digitalization, the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and automation are so critical for applying worker knowledge.
  • The gains manufacturers can see once they’ve successfully combined worker knowledge with technology.

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3. Best Practices in Food Traceability

From Plex

Be able to respond with confidence in just minutes.

This paper highlights how food safety management systems enable best practices in food and beverage processing quality and traceability.

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4. The Flavor of Innovation: How Food Marketers Can Drive Anticipated Taste to Increase Trial Purchases

From Affinnova

Find the Keys to Flavor Innovation

Affinnova’s Flavor Innovation study shows how marketers can increase trial for new food products by optimizing their ‘anticipated taste’ with consumers.

Affinnova found that consumer perceptions of flavors are highly flexible; flavors which at first sound uninteresting become more tempting when combined with other ingredients. Additionally, some brands own certain flavors in the minds of consumers, allowing them to capitalize on food innovations other brands could never pull off.


  • Flavor combinations can fuel breakthrough products: While individual ingredients may have limited appeal, when paired with others flavors the potential for a breakthrough grows exponentially.
  • “Flavor Focused” line extensions drive growth: Launching food line extensions come with the risk of cannibalizing sales for existing products. But, products with aggressive flavors can create enough differentiation to attract new consumers.
  • “Local flavors” not what locals want: Consumers are intrigued by flavors that are not widely-ingrained in their local heritage.
  • Certain brands own certain flavors: Not all brands can own and offer a flavor combination with equal success.

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5. Secure Your Business With a Biometric Access Control System

From FaceKey

FaceKey Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control systems, on the other hand, offer an alternative security solution that makes it more challenging for unauthorized users to gain access to facilities, restricted information or materials.

The following eBook provides an overview of biometric access control systems, outlining the advantages of these systems over traditional PIN, key or card systems. We’ll highlight three industries – manufacturing, banking, and food processing – where facility management increasingly prefers biometric security measures over traditional PIN, lock-and-key and access card systems.

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