Seaboard Triumph Foods Marks Its 4th Anniversary with a 27.8% Increase in Production Wages Since Opening

(Sioux City, IA, September 7, 2021) Pork processor Seaboard Triumph Foods (STF) recently announced that as of September 6th, production wages are rising. In fact, it comes as a 27.8% increase in starting wages compared to when the plant first began operations in September of 2017.

New hires will begin at a starting base wage of $20 per hour, while current production employees will receive a pay increase to a range of $20 to $22.25, in addition to the recent increase to a $1 per hour shift differential. Wages also rose for the maintenance department to a range of $21.75 to $32.75.

The raises come as the labor shortages across the country have been hitting home in Sioux City, and begin just one day after the plant celebrates its 4th year of operations.

“This is a great thing for the employees,” said the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) local 222 President, Mark Nemitz.

In addition to the wage increases, STF offers earned time off as well as great insurance benefits. The company even supplies workers with free bus tickets each week.

“We’re striving every day to make STF a place for growth and new opportunities, and these wage increases are a huge step to reaching our goals, as well as a big thank you to our employees who have kept with us through these trying times. Feeding the world is no easy task, and our employees step-up to get it done,” said Vice President of Human Resources of STF, Miles McGrew.

Focused on bettering the employee experience, some other recent changes inside of the million square foot plant include the implementation of a knife training specialist, employee engagement specialist, and an “Employees of the Month” program.

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