Modern Plant Based Foods’ Subsidiary Modern Seafood Receives R&D Contract with Seafood Supplier Cascadia

VANCOUVER, BC, October 8th, 2021- Modern Plant-Based Foods Inc., (CSE: MEAT)  (” Modern Plant-Based Foods “) or (the “Company “), an award-winning plant-based  food company, is pleased to announce that it’s subsidiary Modern Seafood has entered  into an agreement with Cascadia Seaweed Corp. to develop and create a variety of plant 

based products incorporating cultivated seaweed with Modern Meat’s proprietary recipes.  The partnership further underpins the growing interest from retailers and restaurants in  providing great tasting and sustainable plant-based food options to consumers. 

Cascadia Seaweed is growing to be the largest North American provider of ocean  cultivated seaweed — a climate-positive crop with a variety of uses requiring only the sea  and sunlight to grow. This British Columbia based corporation was founded in 2019 by  three maritime professionals who believe in building a profitable and scalable business  that enhances the natural environment and provides economic opportunity for rural and  coastal communities.  

The World Bank predicts that seaweed farming has the potential of adding 10% to the  world’s supply of food. This highly nutritious crop which only requires sea water and  sunlight to grow can help contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of Zero  Hunger, which addresses not only food security but nutrition and sustainable agriculture.  

“In our climate-changing world, working with Cascadia Seaweed demonstrates our  ongoing commitment to sustainability as well as supporting innovative local companies,”  stated Tara Haddad, Founder of Modern Plant-Based Foods. “Changing to a plant-based  diet ranks high on the list of solutions for addressing climate change and Cascadia’s  ocean cultivated seaweed requires no freshwater, fertilizers, pesticides or arable land to  grow. Cascadia recently made a strategic shift to focus on food production and consumer  packaged goods and we are extremely proud that they tapped Modern Meat to partner  with them on the creation of three product lines, making good use of a plentiful and local  natural resource.” 

“We are thrilled to be working with Modern Meat to bring the most sustainably produced  foods to market under our CPG food brand Kove Ocean Foods. Our planet needs us right  now and some of the most impactful choices come from us as individuals with regards to  the foods that are on our plates and in our cupboards. Kove’s mission is to deliver the  tastiest and most delicious food products made with the world’s most sustainable crop,  seaweed! Our vision aligns perfectly with Modern Meat’s mission to change the way food  is produced and consumed for the benefit of animals, the protection of our environment,  and the health of our people.” – Desiree Dupuis, VP Sales and Marketing, Cascadia  Seaweed.

The research and development phase is currently underway with iterations of a Beach  Burger, Crab or Fish Cake and Chorizo Breakfast Sausage Patty which will all incorporate  ocean cultivated Sugar Kelp. Production is expected in Spring 2022. 

About Modern Plant-Based Foods  

Modern Plant-Based Foods is a Canadian food company based in Vancouver, British Columbia that offers a portfolio of plant-based products including meat and dairy-free alternatives, soups, and vegan snacks. Our products are available at select restaurants and retailers across Canada including our own Modern Wellness Bars located in Vancouver. We take a holistic approach to plant-based living and understand the  importance of providing nutritious and sustainable alternatives to consumers without  sacrificing taste. We want people to feel good about the food they eat which is why we  are deliberate in choosing ingredients free of soy, gluten, nuts and GMOs. 

Our mission is to change the way food is produced and consumed for the benefit of  people, animals and the environment by using natural plant-based ingredients.

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