OnRobot Makes Software Debut with WebLytics Solution for Collaborative Applications

WebLytics brings remote monitoring, device diagnostics, and data analytics  capabilities to OnRobot’s line of collaborative application-focused hardware  solutions. 

Odense, Denmark, November 11, 2021: OnRobot, the One Stop Shop for collaborative robot  applications, makes its software debut with the launch of WebLytics, a unique production  monitoring, device diagnostics, and data analytics solution designed to enhance productivity  and minimize downtime.  

Capable of monitoring the performance of multiple collaborative applications simultaneously  and in real-time, WebLytics gathers equipment data from both robots and tools and  transforms it into easy-to-understand, visualized device and application-level intelligence.  

“The launch of WebLytics is an important landmark for OnRobot, our customers, and our  global integrator network,” said Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot. “WebLytics is the first  software solution to provide real-time, application-focused data for collaborative applications  across major robot brands. As our first software product, WebLytics marks the beginning of  OnRobot’s journey into robot software and completes our vision of providing a One Stop  Shop for collaborative applications on both the hardware and software side.”  

For end users and integrators, WebLytics not only eliminates manual data collection — it provides actionable insights into how well a collaborative application is performing, offering  live device diagnostics, alerts and preventive maintenance measures to keep costly robot  cell downtime to a minimum.  

Integrating the globally recognized overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) industry standard,  WebLytics identifies trends in real-time in the robot cell, including patterns, peaks, and  disturbances in application productivity. OEE measures the percentage of manufacturing  time that is truly productive – a score of 100% indicates that the collaborative application is  producing only good parts, as fast as possible, and with no downtime. Leveraging these  OEE measures, WebLytics can determine whether the manufacturing process is running at  optimal speed and can monitor and analyze the quality of application cycles –key insights for  manufacturers of all sizes.  

WebLytics can report on utilization of the robot arm and OnRobot tools such as grippers,  vision cameras, and sensors, as well as the number of safety stops initiated, and the number  of grip cycles performed while an application is running.  

When changes are made to a robot cell, such as adjusting the speed of a robot or the  settings on a gripper, WebLytics can also automatically report on the impact of those  changes on application performance. 

If anomalies occur in the collaborative application after deployment, WebLytics enables  users to analyze the data collected directly from the robot(s) and tools and report on its  findings using customizable dashboards.  

Laszlo Papp, Product Manager & Sales Engineer at Wamatec Hungary Kft., tested WebLytics on machine tending, pick & place, and palletizing applications: 

“In this fast-paced world, time is everything. When cycle time is really  

important, WebLytics helps you identify the small mistakes that cause time wastage,” he said. “WebLytics can also save a lot of time for yourself and for your production line by making it easy to schedule all maintenance and product changes. My favorite function was the dashboard. I really liked how WebLytics allowed me to monitor all my applications,  my cobots/robots, and my end-of-arm-tools using one platform that provides real time monitoring, data collection and line charting. WebLytics makes optimizing all applications much easier than before.”  

WebLytics retains the ease-of-use, affordability, application focus and accessibility that  defines every OnRobot product. Compatible with all leading collaborative robot and  lightweight industrial robot arms and with all OnRobot tools, WebLytics is readily  expandable, futureproofing it as new robots and tools become available. Access to  WebLytics’ is provided through a secure, intuitive browser-based user interface, that displays  OEE measures and user-defined KPIs through customizable dashboards that provide an  immediate and transparent view into real-time and historical application performance.  

The WebLytics server can be deployed on a shop floor’s local network or added to a virtual  network that connects to the robot cell. Collected data is stored locally on the WebLytics  server. Meanwhile, WebLytics’ built-in web server is always accessible from the shop floor  network or from anywhere in the world via secure HTTPS connection.  

WebLytics is not just a powerful tool for end users; it also creates new revenue opportunities  for system integrators, by providing the software required to offer their customers data backed custom service agreements and engineering services for cell optimization.  

“WebLytics is the perfect addition to our existing product lines and a natural progression of  the OnRobot tradition of making advanced tools and technologies — in this case remote  monitoring, device diagnostics and data analytics — affordable and accessible to companies  of all sizes,” says Iversen.  

About OnRobot  

The OnRobot product range features a wide assortment of tools and software for  collaborative applications, including electric, vacuum and magnetic grippers, the award winning Gecko gripping technology, force/torque sensors, a 2.5D vision system, screwdriver,  sander kits and tool changers. Supported by the free, Learn OnRobot e-learning platform,  OnRobot makes it easy to deploy collaborative automation on tasks such as packaging,  quality control, materials handling, machine tending, assembly, and surface finishing  regardless of skill level or previous robotics experience. Headquartered in Odense, 

Denmark, OnRobot also has offices in Dallas, Soest (Germany), Barcelona, Warsaw,  Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Budapest.

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