Hart Dairy, with Its Pasture-Raised 365 Days Per Year Cows, Awarded Top Environmental and Animal Welfare Certification

Hart Dairy is now Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, selected as inaugural participant in AGW’s Certified Regenerative pilot program.

WAYNESBORO, GA (MARCH 3, 2022)A Greener World (AGW) is proud to announce that growing national dairy brand, Hart Dairy, is now Certified Animal Welfare Approved.

This certification and food label lets consumers know these animals are raised outdoors on pasture or range in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the U.S. and Canada, using sustainable agriculture methods on an independent farm. Consumer Reports has rated Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW as the only “highly meaningful” label for farm animal welfare, outdoor access and sustainability—and the only animal welfare certification in which they have confidence.

Hart Dairy was founded by CEO, Tim Connell, and Chief Scientific Officer, Richard Watson. Their goal was to treat cows humanely, make highly nutritious milk accessible for more people in the United States and build an environmentally sustainable dairy. Under the guidance of CSO Dr. Richard Watson, Hart Dairy has pioneered a 365-day pasture-raised system where the cows – now Certified Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World (AGW) – are always outside, all year-round. This results in significantly better health and welfare to the cows, a better environmental footprint and more nutritious milk.

In addition to being Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW, Hart Dairy is also a pilot participant in the Certified Regenerative by AGW program, AGW’s forthcoming certification demonstrating a holistic commitment to the environment and local communities. Hart Dairy’s commitment to regenerative farming practices led them to be selected as one of approximately 50 companies in the world invited to join the pilot program. Certified Regenerative by AGW will provide a whole-farm assurance of sustainability, measuring benefits for soil, water, air, biodiversity, infrastructure, animal welfare and social responsibility.

Hart Dairy CEO Tim Connell says,

“It’s time to care about your milk. We’re thrilled that an organization as highly regarded as A Greener World recognizes our cows are always outside and pasture raised 365 days a year, along with our better nutrition and regenerative agriculture practices. There’s a clear link between healthy soils, high-quality grass and excellent milk, and our Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW certification and Certified Regenerative by AGW pilot participant status shows that we go the extra mile for our cows, our customers and the planet.”

AGW Executive Director Emily Moose says,

“We’re thrilled to certify businesses like Hart Dairy that have demonstrated commitment to transparency and verified, high-welfare, farming practices. These land stewards are quite literally building a greener world while producing delicious, nutritious products, and we’re honored to work with retailers nationwide to help consumers find them—and in doing so choose products that match their values and have a positive impact on the world.”

Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW products include Whole Milk, 2% Reduced Fat Milk and Whole Chocolate Milk from Hart Dairy, which are available in various outlets in various regions of the country including Publix, Albertsons, Sprouts, Shaw’s, Stop and Shop, H-E-B, Sam’s Club, Big Y, SpartanNash, Market Basket Store, Earth Fare, Tom Thumb, Ingles Market, Weis, D’Agostino, Randalls and Gristedes, Dave’s Fresh Marketplace and Martin’s Supermarkets. Check the AGW directory for more details.


A Greener World (AGW) identifies, audits, certifies and promotes practical, sustainable farming systems by supporting farmers and ranchers and informing consumers. AGW’s growing family of trusted certifications includes Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGWSalmon Welfare Certified by AGWCertified Grassfed by AGWCertified Regenerative by AGW, and Certified Non-GMO by AGW. Each program is designed to have positive and measurable impacts on the environment, society and animals, and to encourage truly sustainable farming practices. AGW’s standards and procedures are robust, transparent and achievable.

A nonprofit funded by public donations, AGW offers a range of resources to help people make informed food choices, including an Online Directory of certified farms and products and Food Labels Exposed–a definitive guide to food label claims (available in print and online). For more information visit agreenerworld.org.


Hart Dairy has redefined the sustainable dairy standard with its premium milk products coming from cows that are on pasture eating grass 365 days per year. Located in Waynesboro, Ga., Hart Dairy sits on more than 4,000 acres of pristine farmland and is the largest single-source producer of pasture-raised milk in North America. The farm boasts happy cows that roam free, are never confined and eat grass 365 days a year in a Certified Humane®, non-GMO environment. Under the guidance of Dr. Richard Watson, a pioneer in world-class grazing and pasture-based techniques, Hart Dairy passionately combines animal welfare and better-for-you dairy products with truly pasture-raised cows that are grass fed and always outside 365 days a year. For more information, visit www.hartdairy.com.


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