SOYLEIC® non-GMO High Oleic Soybean Oil: Longer Fry Life for Lower Operating Costs. Win-win

Article sponsored by: SOYLEIC®

High oleic soybean oil boasts many benefits when compared to conventional oils and brings many attractive traits to the table. U.S. grown high oleic soybean oil extends products’ shelf life, offers among the longest fry life of any edible oil, features an improved fat profile, and provides a neutral flavor allowing the food to be the star of the show.

Soybean oil from SOYLEIC® soybeans is the best of both worlds: the functionality and performance that soy oil is known for, but with a high oleic fat profile that naturally eliminates trans fats. SOYLEIC® is the result of years of conventional soybean breeding, making it a non-GMO choice as well.

Superior performance

High oleic soybean oil provides enhanced functionality over conventional oils through resistance to oxidation and reduced build-up of polymers on foodservice equipment in high-heat applications, leading to less equipment maintenance and lower operating costs.

Along with lower costs to operate, SOYLEIC® high oleic soybean oil performs longer than standard vegetable oils in high-temperature and extended-use applications because of the heat and oxidative stability of the oil, which translates to cost savings for foodservice operations.

From field to table, SOYLEIC® soybeans make for a functional, high-quality, non-GMO oil that will help meet the everchanging needs and growing demands of consumers.