IFF Showcases Bakery Beyond Tradition Theme, Deep Insights and Celebrated Ingredients in Interactive Exhibit at IBIE 2022

IFF invites visitors to booth 2809 to discover trends, taste better-for-you baked prototypes, and try out augmented reality and simulated design experiences

NEW CENTURY, Kan. – Sept. 14, 2022 – IFF (NYSE:IFF) will showcase its breadth of trend-driven innovations for the bakery industry at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), held in Las Vegas, Sept. 18 to 21. IFF’s first-time presence at the triennial professional bakery tradeshow (booth 2809) centers around the theme of “Bakery Beyond Tradition”, signaling a new chapter in the bakery category for IFF after its 2021 merger with DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences business. Today’s IFF combines functional ingredient and flavor expertise, highly respected bakery solutions and unique product design capabilities for grain-based applications.

“We’re supporting the baking industry in new ways, by building on the wisdom of the past to inspire relevant products for the future,” said Catherine Hogan, category marketing lead for bakery and bars, cereal & confectionery, IFF. “With our expanded ingredient portfolio and proprietary product design, we’ve embedded science and creativity into our entire process from conceptualization to commercialization. By leveraging our deep industry knowledge and broad capabilities, we create outstanding partnerships with manufacturers, delivering solutions that can increase nutritive values, create new sensorial experiences, improve product quality and simplify manufacturing processes—all while considering environmental impact.”

IFF will introduce end-to-end product design, featuring an extensive portfolio which includes flavors and colors, functional ingredients, emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, enzymes and natural fruit and vegetable inclusions for baked goods.

Some of the featured ingredients will include:

  • ENOVERATM 3001: recognized by IBIE’s BEST in Baking as a qualifier in the Sustainability category. ENOVERATM 3001 is the first enzyme-only solution on the market to consistently replicate the robustness and functionality of conventional dough strengtheners in a formula without DATEM, SSL, monoglycerides or crutch additions for a consumer-friendly label.
  • RE-MASTER VANILLA™: modern technology building upon the artistry of previous vanilla iterations, creating a new generation of exceptional taste experiences designed to withstand harsh baking processes for maximum impact and taste profiles. Vanilla flavors are customized according to product development needs, such as to modulate the perception of sweetness, increase intensity, and mask off-notes from alternative proteins and whole grains.
  • Taura by IFF: real fruit and vegetable inclusions for healthy bakery products. Taura provides customized fruit pieces, flakes and pastes that retain a fruit’s taste, color and nutritional characteristics by using unique technology.

At Booth 2809

  • Visitors will experience a taste of today while catching a glimpse into the future through Panoptic—IFF’s proprietary trends and foresight capabilities and studies—which identifies the most impactful shifts and dynamics shaping the short, mid and long-term future of the baking industry.
  • Attendees can taste sweet-good prototypes, developed using Panoptic trend-driven innovation, with functional ingredients to improve product quality, nutritive ingredients to increase healthfulness, and flavor ingredients to boost deliciousness.
  • IFF will also bring two bakery product development experiences to life through augmented reality (AR). Visitors will be able to design their own cupcakes by selecting a theme and choosing various flavors and toppings to reveal their cupcake creation. In another simulated journey—The Art & Science of Bread Making—visitors will get to walk through the breadmaking process to understand how the different types of IFF ingredients can impact and improve bread quality.

To learn more about IFF innovation capabilities and ingredients, visit here.

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