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It’s time to catch up on what’s going on in the food and beverage industry. Topics for our top articles of October include how meat producers are investing in plant-based meat, the importance of fostering an engaged workforce, and the most popular F&B brands among Gen Z consumers. 

#1. How Meat Producers Investing in Plant-Based Meat Could Power a Sustainable Supply Chain

This article by guest author Srini Rajamani highlights how moving toward plant-based meats could help alleviate supply chain concerns and affect public health and the environment. Meat producers are getting involved in this change, and the entire industry could capitalize on this trend. 

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#2. Mars, Accenture Partner on the “Factory of the Future”

Mars is partnering with Accenture with a goal “to transform and modernize its global manufacturing operations with artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, edge technology, and digital twins.”

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#3. Working with Purpose: Empower and Engage Frontline Workers

This article by guest author Zack Sosebee highlights the changing relationship between workers and their work, as well as measures companies can take to keep their employees working with a sense of purpose. 

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#4. Gen Z Really Loves Food and Beverage Brands – Especially M&Ms

More than half of “Morning Consult’s list of Gen Z’s Favorite Brands for 2022” included food and beverage brands, and M&Ms came in at #5. This was the highest ranking of all of the food and beverage products included. 

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#5. Nestlé Will Invest Over $1 Billion to Make Coffee Farming More Sustainable

Nestlé brand Nescafé has announced they will invest over 1 billion Swiss francs by 2030 to help make coffee farming more sustainable. The plan has four major elements, including helping farmers transition to regenerative agriculture and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by trapping and storing more carbon.

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