Batory Sweetener Solutions and NutraEx Form U.S. Distribution Agreement for SugarLike® Sweeteners

Engagement brings natural, plug-and-play sugar reduction products to US food & beverage companies

Rosemont, ILBatory Sweetener Solutions, a sweetener-focused business unit of Batory Foods dedicated to sugar reduction and novel sugar alternatives, has formed an agreement with Canada-based sugar reduction experts NutraEx Food Inc. to distribute the SugarLike® line of products. Moving forward, the sweeteners portfolio will be added to Batory Sweetener Solutions’ broad array of high quality food ingredients.

The engagement brings unique reduced sugar and sugar-free solutions to US food & beverage manufacturers. As consumers continue to prioritize health and nutrition, SugarLike products provide validated sugar reduction while meeting the high expectations of taste and sweetness for a variety of applications, including bakery, confectionary, dairy, supplements and tabletop, as well as beverages such as juices, milks and milk alternatives, and carbonated drinks.

NutraEx’s SugarLike® products are designed to be “plug and play,” providing everything formulators need to nimbly substitute conventional sugars for less caloric sweeteners. In doing so, the series delivers 100% sugar replacement or sugar reduction with all-natural, non-gmo, plant-based ingredients without compromising on taste. Notably, SugarLike sweeteners significantly mitigate off-taste and lingering often found in natural sweeteners, delivering a cleaner taste. Helpfully, the line’s zero glycemic index prevents blood sugar spikes, making it an attractive option for active children and people with diabetes.

Batory Sweeteners Solutions is a newly-formed business unit focusing on initiatives surrounding food & beverage solutions, from conventional ingredients and low-sugar alternatives to precision blending and custom formulation. The distribution agreement aligns with its push for unique sugar reduction technologies.

“Batory Sweetener Solutions is eager to support customers in making a meaningful impact on healthier food and beverage products through more and better-tasting lower-sugar options,” said Jessica Zielinski, VP & General Manager for Batory Sweetener Solutions. “Adding the SugarLike series as a prominent product offering brings our customers even more ingredient diversity and formulation choices as they develop healthier, lower-calorie foods and beverages for their targeted consumers base.”

A departure from simple dry blends, SugarLike products utilize a proprietary dry embedding technology that ensures even distribution of high intensity sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit with bulking ingredients such as allulose, erythritol, or sugar. This process stabilizes adhesion in the aggregation and is less costly than agglomeration. Free flowing, without added chemicals or process aids, the series’ absence of effluents also lends to improved eco-friendliness.

“We are making the world a better place with healthy sweets,” said Lily Zou, founder & CEO of NutraEx Food Inc. “Consumers can reduce the sugar in their food or beverages, and still enjoy fabulous sweet taste. These embedded sweeteners are made with a patented process that precisely formulates the natural, plant based ingredients to meet food and beverage demanding requirements.”

Batory Sweetener Solutions will inaugurate the new agreement at Natural Product Expo West, Booth 196, March 9-11 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

About Batory Foods

Founded in 1979, Batory Foods is a national sales and supply chain management solutions provider offering a full portfolio of high-quality food ingredients to food, beverage and nutraceutical manufacturers throughout the United States. The company connects leading food ingredient producers to well-regarded food & beverage brands. Batory operates a national system of warehouses and distribution centers for quick and efficient product delivery.

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