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Ready to catch up on the latest news in the food and beverage industry? Our top 5 articles for August include a look at the benefits of tree-free food packaging, why consumers are decreasing alternative meat purchases, and what the end of student loan forbearance means for food industry executives.

#1. The Bamboo Advantage: A Deep Dive Into Tree-Free Food Packaging

This sponsored article discusses the challenges involved in finding packaging materials that meet performance requirements while also reducing impact on the environment. Bamboo paper packaging could be a game-changer, with its higher tensile strength and shortened growing time, but it has its share of challenges.

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#2. 4 in 10 Consumers Are Taking Alternative Meat off the Table: Strong Roots Consumer Index Survey

A new survey from Strong Roots found that many consumers are limiting or totally eliminating their alternative meat consumption. That said, most (61%) consumers plan to boost their consumption of plant-based foods over the next six months.

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#3. Revolutionizing Refreshment: The Quest for Sugar Reduction in Beverages

In this article, guest author Devendra Yadov of Ingenious e-Brain Solutions discusses the goal of sugar reduction in the beverage industry, provides an overview of sugar alternatives for beverages, and identifies key stakeholders/actors who are revolutionizing the sugar replacement industry.

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#4. Student Loan Forbearance Is Ending: What Food Industry Executives Need to Know

Guest author Steve Zurek of NIQ explores the food industry implications of the termination of the COVID-19 U.S. Federal Student Loan Forbearance program. The program, which allowed borrowers not on income-based repayment plans to forego payments, is set to end on September 1, 2023 and will further restrict consumer budgets.

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#5. Food Brands Prioritize ESG Compliance, but Struggle With Validating Ingredient Suppliers

A new report from TraceGains found that while most food brands (64%) consider environmental, social, and governance compliance to be essential, 41% are falling short of reaching total compliance. 

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