Nelson-Jameson Moves Sustainability Goals Forward with New ESG Targets

The food processing industry distributor shares EcoVadis sustainability assessment results 

MARSHFIELD, WI – Sept 19, 2023 –Nelson-Jameson, a leading distributor in the food processing industry, announces additional investment in its corporate sustainability practices. The organization has set targets for its Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) framework, and measures progress on a comprehensive, cross-category internal scorecard. Additionally, the company has completed the third-party EcoVadis sustainability assessment for the past two years and announced a 34% increase in its total year-over-year sustainability score.

For decades, Nelson-Jameson has operated as a golden-rule company, defined as a focus on maintaining a culture of honesty, integrity, and kindness, and a commitment to operating in an ethical manner with respect for people, the community, and the environment. Its further investment in ESG goals is an extension of its long-standing cultural ethos.

“Nelson-Jameson has a long history of industry leadership in stewardship and community best practices,” says Mat Bartkowiak, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Development at Nelson-Jameson. “ESG goals are embedded in every aspect of our operations, and we’re proud to see our progress in year-over-year results from the EcoVadis Business Sustainability Index.”

EcoVadis, known as the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings globally, has established a network of more than 100,000 rated companies of all sizes. Companies proactively choose to participate in its Business Sustainability Index, and receive a total score as measured against all rated organizations, and individual sub-scores that measure ratings as compared to peers and competitors. Nelson-Jameson received a total score of 47 this year, which is on par with the global average rating of all measured companies at 50.3. In sub-categories, Nelson-Jameson ranked higher than average in both Ethics and Labor and Human Rights (a score of 60 for each).

Internally, Nelson-Jameson has outlined measurable, tangible goals in categories such as greenhouse gas reduction, sustainable supplier sourcing, and community investment. The company plans to participate in the EcoVadis Business Sustainability Index assessment on an annual basis.

Nelson-Jameson plans to release its ESG annual report in January. By sharing the company’s progress annually, NJ highlights its commitment to furthering its ESG goals which encompass everything from food safety and quality to sustainable supplier practices.

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Mat Bartkowiak, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Development at Nelson-Jameson
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