Dole Receives Grand Winner Award for Efforts that Support its Workforce and Well-being in Costa Rica

AmCham recognizes Dole Costa Rica with two Social Responsibility in Action Awards

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Dole plc (NYSE: DOLE), a global leader in the production and marketing of fresh fruit, announced today the company was again recognized for its outstanding corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts in Costa Rica.

In the 27th year of the most prestigious Social Responsibility awards in Costa Rica, 30 companies from various industries submitted a total of 45 projects that benefit sustainable development in Costa Rica. The American-Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) recognized Dole’s “Financial Education Program for Farm Employees” as the Grand Winner.

This marks the second consecutive year that the Company has achieved this milestone.

AmCham representatives discerned that the program is distinguished not only for its analysis, planning, and execution but also for the innovative approach and strong commitment towards Costa Rica’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The program, which was nominated for the “Employees” category, won this group and was later considered the best overall effort in the event.

Launched in 2019, Dole’s comprehensive financial education program works to improve the lives of employees by providing the tools necessary to manage household finances, reduce indebtedness, and alleviate economic hardship for families.

Through an exhaustive 12-week process called “The Path to Prosperity,” participating employees receive expert guidance toward developing new beliefs and habits regarding consumption moderation and financial control. This aims to enable participants to: reduce debt, increase cash flow, grow assets, and enhance their financial well-being.

The program is adaptable to each participant’s specific needs and includes support groups, training sessions, application of tools, individual consultations, and follow-up through a virtual community. A core aspect of the program is that it is operationally sustainable with significant portion of the effort carried out by a team comprised of volunteers from within the Company who have contributed over 15,000 hours to the program.

The Financial Education Program for Farm Employees was initiated to help address the gaps identified through the Company’s measurement of multidimensional poverty among employees and their families; a methodology pioneered by Dole in the agriculture industry.

The Business Multidimensional Poverty Index (bMPI) seeks to measure poverty—not only from the traditional way of per capita income—but also by incorporating dimensions including health, education, housing, and employment. This allows organizations to identify gaps and focus social programs and efforts to address them.

Dole’s financial program is an excellent example of actions aligned with this goal. The project’s impact is undeniable, with the closure of 63 gaps in the bMPI and a 7.34% improvement in the financial health index for 39% of the 275 graduates.

“Dole’s leadership in CSR is a testament to our unwavering dedication to creating a positive impact on the communities we serve,” stated Sandra Lima, Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility. “The Grand Winner award at the AmCham Social Responsibility in Action Awards stands as a powerful recognition of Dole’s innovative and impactful approach to employee well-being and social empowerment.”

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