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Are you looking to catch up on the latest in the food and beverage industry? Our top 5 articles for November include a look at some top food trends of 2024, the benefits of ERP systems for raw material management, and how the food industry could turn food waste into value.

#1. More Top Food Trends of 2024

This month, we took a look at more predictions for the top food trends in 2024, including insights from Dataessential, Euromonitor, and Yelp. 

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#2. Creating a Plastics Circular Economy in the Food Industry

In this article, guest author Ricardo Cuetos discusses using a life cycle assessment to take a look at the entire life cycle of a product. He touches on the many benefits polystyrene products provide when it comes to serving, storing, and transporting fresh foods, and suggests looking towards creating a circular economy for plastics. 

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#3. Streamlining Raw Material Management in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Kyle McTavish of ECI Software Solutions shares how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems address challenges associated with raw material expiry in this informative article. ERP systems allow for real-time tracking of inventory levels and demand forecasting to align production schedules with upcoming market demands, among numerous other benefits.

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#4. What Lies Ahead in 2024 for Food Processing Manufacturers?

Guest author Bob Grote explores eight trends for the food processing industry to watch in 2024, including a continuing robustness in the industry despite forecasted recessions, ongoing inflation and increased prices for food, and the use of automation to address labor shortages.

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#5. Feeding the Waste Revolution: How the Food and Drink Industry Can Successfully Turn Waste Into Value

In this guest article, Dr. Rod Coogan talks about creating a circular system to improve waste management and get additional value from waste. He discusses possible methods for doing so, including reducing waste, recycling it, and repurposing it.

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