Bobo’s Partners With Acorn, Purchases Carbon Removal Units, Supporting Sustainable Local Agroforestry Farming Practices Around The World

Acorn, an initiative of Rabobank, uses a radically different carbon credit model leveraging the positive effect of agroforestry leading to more benefits for local farmers: increased biodiversity, improved soil quality and more abundant, diverse yields.

Loveland, Colo., January 9, 2024 – Bobo’s, known for their delicious oat bars, oat bites and baked goods, proudly announces its new partnership with Rabobank’s Acorn initiative (Acorn) to help Colorado’s beloved snack brand reach its carbon neutrality goals and further invest in a more sustainable future. Bobo’s purchase of carbon removal units to offset its bakery carbon emissions is helping to combat climate change. It does so by leveraging Acorn’s new and powerful approach to carbon sequestering working with thousands of smallholder farmers using agroforestry. In this case, Bobo’s removal credits will be supporting agroforestry practices for local coffee farmers in Tanzania.

Since its inception in 2003, Bobo’s has remained committed to responsible and sustainable business practices that have a positive impact on the environment and community. The company prioritizes responsibly sourced ingredients and packaging when producing its wildly popular baked goods only partnering with ingredient suppliers who source ingredients with integrity. As much as possible, Bobo’s uses paperboard and cartons that are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. It also recently partnered with How2Recycle which uses a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to Bobo’s customers . The company strives to reduce its landfill footprint by 95%, partnering with ReConserve and local farmers to convert our bakery waste to animal feed and in 2022, Bobo’s opened a brand new state-of-the-art super bakery in Loveland, CO 100%  powered by wind energy. Still, Bobo’s unavoidably produces carbon emissions and today the company has taken steps to offset these emissions in a truly meaningful way.

“At Bobo’s we’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact throughout our supply chain,” said TJ McIntyre, CEO of Bobo’s. “While we always strive to make decisions to improve the livelihoods of our people and the planet, our production process inevitably generates carbon emissions that we’re accountable for. Acorn’s revolutionary approach to carbon removal credits benefiting smallholder farmers across the globe made this a win-win. Acorn is the perfect partner to help us achieve carbon neutrality.”

While historically the carbon credit market has received its fair share of skepticism, Acorn is disrupting the traditional carbon offset model. The company has adopted an entirely new approach to helping responsible organizations, like Bobo’s, reach their sustainability goals leveraging the power of agroforestry. Agroforestry is the planting and integration of different species, such as fruit or nut bearing trees, and various crops on the field. Adopting agroforestry practices significantly benefits local farmers because it delivers more diverse crop yields, increased biodiversity and improved soil quality on their farms. It also helps local farmer’s businesses become more climate resilient, diversifies their income and improves food security within their local community. As the trees and plants mature and grow, they produce more and more yield while sequestering an increased amount of carbon.

“With Acorn we are delighted to partner with sustainable frontrunners like Bobo’s to support smallholder farmers globally. Their transition to carbon-capturing agroforestry has an incredible impact on various levels. Biodiversity increases, local welfare improves, and our planet cools down — everyone benefits,” said Jelmer van de Mortel, Head of Acorn

The amount of carbon captured by the trees and plants planted as part of Acorn’s agroforestry program is monitored with remote sensing techniques.  Each ton of captured carbon represents one carbon removal unit (CRU). These CRU’s, which are traceable, certified and nature based, are sold to responsible companies like Bobo’s. But it’s the local farmers who benefit the most. With 80 percent of the sales revenue going directly to the farmers, it creates a substantial additional income stream and helps them adopt a more future-proof and sustainable way of farming. The remaining 20 percent is split evenly between Acorn and its local partners who help coordinate with the local farmers.

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About Bobo’s

Bobo’s has been making people everywhere feel like family with fresh-baked, wholesome snacks since 2003 when BOBO and her mother decided to whip up their favorite homemade oat bar recipe in their Boulder, CO kitchen. Today, the Bobo’s family of products include the original oat bars and has expanded with Oat Bites, Stuff’d Bites, Nut-Butter Filled Bars, Toaster Pastries, Protein Bars and now Dipp’d bars that can be found in natural and conventional grocers around the country. Every healthy Bobo’s treat is still 100% gluten free, kosher, and non-GMO certified. To learn more about Bobo’s and how the brand stays committed to feeding everyone like family, visit or follow @eatbobos on social media.

About Acorn

Acorn, part of Rabobank,  supports smallholder farmers in developing countries transition to agroforestry. Together with local partners, we facilitate the funding and training needed by farmers to start their agroforestry transition. Transforming the sequestered CO2 through agroforestry into Carbon Removal Units (CRUs), we offer carbon credits to responsible corporates to help them reach their climate goals. The growth of the trees is measured with satellite imagery, AI and LiDAR, and certified by ICROA-accredited Plan Vivo.

With 80% of the sales revenue going directly to the farmers, it creates an additional income stream and helps them adopt a more climate-resilient way of farming that improves food security, biodiversity, and financial independence.

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