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Looking to catch up on the latest news in the food and beverage industry? Our top 5 articles for January include a look at how the California Safety Act is affecting the industry, an exploration of the role of automation in the supply chain, and an article that details important steps for successful ERP software integration.

#1. California Food Safety Act Widens the Gap Between State and Federal Food Regulations

In this guest article, Paul Bradley of TraceGains gives an overview of the California Safety Act, which places restrictions on the sale of foods containing Brominated Vegetable Oil, Potassium Bromate, Propylparaben, and Red Dye No. 3. Bradley discusses the resistance this bill has been met with from industry trade groups and federal regulators.

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#2. [eBook] How Technology Facilitates Successful Product Innovation in Food and Beverage

This eBook, sponsored by Infor, discusses technologies that can assist food and beverage manufacturers with launching new products. Consumer preferences and ingredient availability are always in flux. Tactics such as eliminating IT silos between various departments, as well as giving all key players access to the same data and processes are discussed as pathways to product innovation.

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#3. The Role of Automation in the Food and Beverage Supply Chain

Guest author Geoff Coltman, VP of Catena Solutions, discusses a handful of reasons why automation technologies will be important to the future of the food and beverage supply chains. These technologies will play a role in streamlining distribution centers, automating repack operations, enhancing supply chain visibility, and improving sustainability practices. Coltman also stresses the importance of automation working alongside human expertise.

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#4. IFIC Predicts 2024’s Food Trends Will Focus on Functional Ingredients, Label Transparency, AI, and More

The International Food Information Council (IFIC) announced their latest annual food trend forecast for 2024. In the year ahead, consumers are expected to seek out foods that support their emotional and mental health, and new labeling could make it easier for them to discern how healthy a food product is.

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#5. From Strategy to Success: Mastering ERP Implementation Challenges

Guest author Prashant Kumar, President and CEO of MLC and Associates, discusses the various setbacks that can happen during an ERP software implementation and how to overcome them. He outlines important phases in the development of an ERP strategy and how to ensure the long-term success of the software within an organization. 

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