Pulsed XENON Light Now More Affordable than Ever

Wilmington, MA (April 4, 2024) — XENON Corporation, the world leader in Pulsed Light, has introduced the  lowest cost, high energy Pulsed Light product to the market. The Compact Integrated Xenon Lamp (CIXL)  provides everything a user needs to introduce XENON PurePulse® Technology into their operations. 

“This is a milestone for PurePulse® Technology” said Lou Panico, CEO of XENON, “For many companies,  cost has been the obstacle that has prevented them from incorporating Pulsed Light into their business.  Because of its simple design and ease of operation, we’re able to offer the CIXL at a price far below any  similar product on the market.” 

Powered by XENON’s PurePulse® Technology, our CIXL module delivers unparalleled performance,  precision, and reliability, this opens new possibilities in a number of industries including Food and  Pharmaceutical Production Sanitization, Printed Electronics Sintering, and offers efficient solutions for  materials development and treatment.  

Compact in design, intended to overcome shadowing and treat larger areas, powerful in performance, the  CIXL includes everything a user needs to generate effective Pulsed Light disinfection. At its heart is a  unique xenon lamp, diffuse reflector, and all necessary electronics and cooling required to safely generate  3HZ, 100 J/p of power, all housed in a stainless-steel housing with quartz window. 

Interested parties can contact Laurie Panico at [email protected] 

About XENON 

XENON is the world’s leader in Pulsed Light technology used in a wide variety of food, medical, industrial  and research applications. XENON’s Z-Series systems are used to disinfect surfaces of dangerous  pathogens, its S-Series systems rapidly sinter conductive silver and copper inks at room temperature,  the RC—Series are the preferred option for OEMs looking to build Pulsed Light capability into their  products, and the XENON X-1100 benchtop system is a fixture in research laboratories around the world.  All XENON Systems are powered by XENON’s PurePulse® Technology. For more information on CIXL or  any of XENON’s products, visit www.xenoncorp.com

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